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Women and Material Culture, 1660–1830

  • Editors
  • Jennie Batchelor
  • Cora Kaplan

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Introduction

    1. Jennie Batchelor, Cora Kaplan
      Pages 1-8
  3. Dress and Adornment

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 9-9
    2. Marcia Pointon
      Pages 11-30
  4. Women and Sculpture

  5. The Material Culture of Empire

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 117-117
    2. Elizabeth Kowaleski Wallace
      Pages 148-159
  6. Women and Books

  7. Back Matter
    Pages 213-223

About this book


This book comprises twelve illustrated, interdisciplinary essays on gender and material culture across the eighteenth century. These essays point to the many ways in which gender mediated and was shaped by the consumption and production of goods and elucidate the complex relationships between material and social practice in the period.


culture gender Nation nationalism prejudice William Blake women

About the authors

ROSALIND POLLY BLAKESLEY Senior Lecturer in the History of Art, University of Cambridge, UK BARBARA BURMAN Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for the History of Textiles and Dress, University of Southampton, UK ANGELA ESCOTT Music librarian working with a national collection of music manuscripts JILLIAN HEYDT-STEVENSON Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA ALESSA JOHNS Associate Professor, University of California, Davis, USA ELLEN KENNEDY JOHNSON Professor English, Arizona State University, USA ELIZABETH KOWALESKI WALLACE Professor of English, Boston College, USA MARCIA POINTON Professor Emeritus, Manchester University, UK DAVID PORTER Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Michigan, USA MARJAN STERCKX Research Assistant of the Fund for Scientific Research-Flanders, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium SUSAN STAVES Professor Emeritus of English, Brandeis University, USA JONATHAN WHITE Independent scholar

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'This outstanding collection provides a timely and compelling intervention in the field of material and cultural history. In collecting these essays together, the editors have combined an astonishing level of focus, detail and scholarly rigour with a breadth and clarity of vision. The result is a highly original and groundbreaking book that asks us to pay attention to questions of scale, texture and possession in the ordering of our lives.' - Dr Elizabeth Eger, Department of English Language& Literature, King's College, University of London, UK

'[This book] is worth reading from cover to cover. All the stories of women and objects are interesting and thought-provoking for the insight they give into different aspects of the triangle of gender, materiality and ideas.' - Reviews in History

'...this easy-to-read volume contributes greatly to our understanding of the social ties of the 1660 1830 timeframe, while explaining some of the trends that we, in the twenty-first century, often take for granted.' - Sophie Nichol Sauvé, The European Legacy