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Liberalism and Pluralism

The Politics of E pluribus unum

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About this book


This book expands the idea of practical liberalism by exploring how a theory of civil association premised upon prudential argument can remain stable through time. The work explores the relation between politics and morality and crafts a theory of social justice that can command the attention of all groups present in a pluralist polity.


conflict democracy feminism Institution morality nationalism political theory politics social justice work

About the authors

CRAIG L. CARR is Professor of Political Science in the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University, USA. 

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"This is an interesting and well-written book, one that addresses a series of difficult and important issues in contemporary political theory. The author's case for practical liberalism is argued carefully and in provocative ways, carving out a distinct view, and the overall result is impressive. This will be of interest not only to political theorists and philosophers but to an educated lay audience as well." - Lucas Swaine, Department of Government, Dartmouth College