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Political Themes in the Hebrew Scriptures

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  2. Jules Gleicher
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  4. Jules Gleicher
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  5. Thomas Hobbes, John Locke
    Pages 181-211
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This volume collects explorations of various selections from the Hebrew scriptures, focusing on these texts' sacred teachings and their implications for issues of law, justice, and rulership. Representative examples include the Book of Genesis, the Moses narrative, and the Decalogue and other laws.


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About the authors

JULES GLEICHER is a Professor and Chairman of the Political Science Department at Rockford College in Rockford, IL, USA.

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"Gleicher explores the text with genuine enthusiasm and brings out uncommonly well what is most interesting in Genesis in a lively, well-written style of inquiry. This is a book that will work especially well for political science students and scholars who wish to see how the Bible might contribute to the modern study of politics." - Calum Carmichael, Professor of Comparative Literature and Adjunct Professor of Law, Cornell University

"Gleicher s study of Hebrew Scriptures includes truly remarkable reflections on texts that others have read with less insight and less knowledge. The author brings to bear a wide range of interdisciplinary learning to explain the political and moral implications of biblical narratives that he has obviously studied for years. It is inconceivable that even trained biblical scholars could not learn a great deal from examining his expositions. The text is written with clarity and considerable eloquence." - Paul Gottfried, Raffensperger Professor of Humanities, Elizabethtown College

"As a lifetime student of the Hebrew scriptures, I learned a great deal from Gleicher. For example, he gave new meaning to the expressions Day One and The Sixth Day in the creation story. The people of the Bible come alive as he describes their experiences. Suddenly, we realize their issues are the ones we often face. Actions have consequences. A great read!" - Rabbi William Fertig, Ohave Shalom Synagogue, Rockford, IL