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New Media, Cultural Studies, and Critical Theory after Postmodernism

Automodernity from Zizek to Laclau

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This book argues that we have moved into a new cultural period, automodernity, which represents a social, psychological, and technological reaction to postmodernity. In fact, by showing how individual autonomy is now being generated through technological and cultural automation, Samuels posits that we must rethink modernity and postmodernity.


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ROBERT SAMUELS is Lecturer, UCLA, USA, Writing Programs.

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"Earnest, relentless, and frequently compelling, Samuels offers a sobering analysis of some of the ways that cultural studies, new media, and the university itself have failed our hopes for democracy. You won't agree with everything in this book, but you'll pop onto his blog to argue with him about it." - Marc Bousquet, Author of How The University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation