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Testimonial Advertising in the American Marketplace

Emulation, Identity, Community

  • Editors
  • Marlis Schweitzer
  • Marina Moskowitz

About this book


This book explores the history and practice of testimonial advertising in the United States from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, addressing a surprising lack of scholarship on this enduring and pervasive marketing tool. Treating consumers as neither the victims nor the empowered foes of corporate practices, the authors gathered here contribute to new scholarship at the intersection of cultural and business history by examining how testimonials mediate negotiations between producers and consumers and shape modern cultural attitudes about social identity, advice, community, celebrity, and the consumption of brand-name goods and services.


Advertising marketing USA

About the authors

MARINA MOSKOWITZ is Director of the Andrew Hook Centre for American Studies and a Senior Lecturer in American History at the University of Glasgow, UK. MARLIS SCHWEITZER is an Assistant Professor at York University in Toronto, Canada.

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