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Japan and the Specter of Imperialism

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Japan and the Specter of Imperialism examines competing Japanese responses to the late nineteenth century unequal treaty regime as a confrontation with liberal imperialism, including the culture and gender politics of US territorial expansion into the Pacific.


culture gender imperialism Japan politics

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MARK ANDERSON is Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Literatures at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.

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"This study of the relation between the national and the modern in 'Ansei-treaty era Japan' is a bracing revision of late nineteenth-century intellectual history...This illuminating book not only criticizes the field but does something about it."

Journal of Japanese Studies

"Drawing heavily on analysis from post-colonial studies, Japan and the Specter of Imperialism gives a novel account of the relationship between Western imperialism and the spaces of Japanese national political cultures. The strength of this work lies in its analysis of the debates on what constituted a nation. These debates raged across a broad set of disciplines (literature, philosophy, social sciences, art, ethics), colonizing the imagination via the production of knowledge about history, peoples and places, whilst simultaneously contributing to the formation of an oppressive and territorially aggressive Japanese nation-state."

Journal of Asian Studies