The Intermediality of Narrative Literature

Medialities Matter

  • Jørgen Bruhn

About this book


This book argues that narrative literature very often, if not always, include significant amounts of what appears to be extra-literary material – in form and in content – and that we too often ignore this dimension of literature. 
It offers an up to date overview and discussion of intermedial theory, and it facilitates a much-needed dialogue between the burgeoning field of intermedial studies on the one side and the already well-developed methods of literary analysis on the other. The book aims at working these two fields together into a productive working method. It makes evident, in a methodologically succinct way, the necessity of approaching literature with an intermedial terminology by way of a relatively simple but never the less productive three-step analytic method. In four in-depth case studies of Anglophone texts ranging from Nabokov, Chandler and Tobias Wolff to Jennifer Egan, it demonstrates that medialities matter.


Media studies Literary criticism Jennifer Egan Vladimir Nabokov Tobias Wolff Raymond Chandler

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  • Jørgen Bruhn
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  1. 1.Department of Film and LiteratureLinnæus UniversityVäxjöSweden

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