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Naming and Nation-building in Turkey

The 1934 Surname Law

  • Provides the only comprehensive academic study of the Turkish Surname Law and its reception

  • Challenges the official accounts of the Kemalist reforms and reveals how these reforms were received and reframed in everyday life by diverse

  • groups, including non-Muslim minorities

  • Appeals to anthropologists, legal scholars, political scientists, historians, and anyone interested in the formation of the modern Middle East


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This book examines how the Turkish Surname Law of 1934 was adopted and reframed in diverse social contexts at a time of top down nationalism. Through historical ethnography, the author explores the genesis of the law, its drafting in parliament, the Turkish Language Reform, and its reception. The project draws from an oral historical narrative, official parliamentary and registry documents, and popular media.


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  1. 1.Işık UniversityŞile/İstanbulTurkey

About the authors

Meltem Türköz is Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at Işık University, Turkey.

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