Neoliberal Urbanism, Contested Cities and Housing in Asia

  • Yi-Ling Chen
  • Hyun Bang Shin

Part of the The Contemporary City book series (TCONTCI)

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Considering Asian cities ranging from Taipei, Hong Kong and Bangkok to Hanoi, Nanjing and Seoul, this collection discusses the socio-political processes of how neoliberalization entwines with local political economies and legacies of ‘developmental’ or ‘socialist’ statism to produce urban contestations centered on housing. The book takes housing as a key entry point, given its prime position in the making of social and economic policies as well as the political legitimacy of Asian states. It examines urban policies related to housing in Asian economies in order to explore their continuing alterations and mutations, as they come into conflict and coalesce with neoliberal policies. In discussing the experience of each city, it takes into consideration the variegated relations between the state, the market and the society, and explores how the global pressure of neoliberalization has manifested in each country and has influenced the shaping of national housing questions.


Asian cities and neoliberalization Housing issues and urban contestation Housing and the political legitimacy of Asian states The shaping of national housing policies interaction of urban planning and social change in Asia Urban social movements and housing protests Urban movements and identity politics Economic neoliberalization and housing policy in Asia

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  • Yi-Ling Chen
    • 1
  • Hyun Bang Shin
    • 2
  1. 1.University of WyomingLaramie, WYUSA
  2. 2.London School of Economics and Political ScienceLondonUK

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