Staging Queer Feminisms

Sexuality and Gender in Australian Performance, 2005-2015

  • Sarah French

Part of the Contemporary Performance InterActions book series (CPI)

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‘Sarah French’s landmark book astutely frames twenty-first-century performance considered queer and feminist within an artistic category in its own right. It is very exciting to read about these theatrically accomplished but challenging innovative performances, and the complex ways in which they are meaningful. Just as these performances merit thorough investigation, this important book equally deserves the serious attention of a wide readership.’ — Peta Tait, La Trobe University, Australia


‘Sarah French’s book provides a compelling insight into ten years of vital, subversive, genre-defying Australian performance. She brings the anarchic energy of the performances alive and frames her persuasive analysis within appropriate intersectional feminist and postcolonial frameworks.’ — Sarah Gorman, University of Roehampton, UK

This book examines sexuality, gender and race in Australia’s vibrant independent theatre and performance culture. It analyses selected feminist and queer performances that interrogate the cultural construction of sexuality and gender, challenge the normative trends of mainstream Australian society and culture and open up spaces for alternative representations of gender identity and sexual expression. Offering the first full-length study on sexuality and gender in Australian theatre since 2005, this book reveals a resurgence of feminist themes in independent performance and explores the intersection of feminist and queer politics. Ranging across drag, burlesque, cabaret, theatre and performance art, the book provides an accessible and engaging account of some of the most innovative, entertaining and politically subversive Australian theatrical works from the past decade.


Race Drag Burlesque Cabaret Norms

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