The Moral Case for Abortion

  • Ann Furedi

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About this book


'In a world of increasingly polarised positions on issues relevant to the human rights of marginalised and oppressed groups, Furedi's philosophical exploration of abortion and its discontents is a breath of fresh air.'
- Julie Bindel

‘As someone who provides abortion as the expression of deep conscience, I figured out a long time ago that in addition to being smart enough one has to be ethically good enough to do this work. Ann Furedi, in The Moral Case for Abortion, makes the morality of abortion so profoundly clear that she leaves nothing else to be said.’ 
– Willie J. Parker, MD, MPH, MSc, reproductive justice advocate and abortion provider, USA

‘At last, a book that makes the case for the morality of abortion. Furedi takes the tough questions that plague the political and personal minefield that society battles about a woman’s right to choose and confronts them head-on. Using systematic and careful analysis and a lifetime of work in women’s reproductive healthcare, this book helps unpack the moral and ethical considerations and contradictions. From the philosophical to the practical, Furedi gives us a handy toolbox of arguments and cutting-edge reflections. This book will embolden advocates—and confound opponents—of bodily autonomy and freedom of conscience.’ 
- Jon O’ Brien, President, Catholics for Choice, USA

This thought-provoking book sets out the ethical arguments for a woman’s right to choose. Drawing on the traditions of sociological thinking and moral philosophy, it maintains that there is a strong moral case for recognizing autonomy in personal decision-making about reproductive intentions. More than this, it argues that to prevent a woman from making her own choice to continue or end her pregnancy is to undermine the essence of her humanity. The author, a provider of abortion services in the UK, asserts that true respect for human life and true regard for individual conscience demand that we respect a woman’s right to decide, and that support for a woman’s right to a termination has moral foundations and ethical integrity. This fresh perspective on abortion will interest both pro- and anti-choice individuals and organizations, along with academics in the fields of gender studies, philosophy, ethics and religion. 

Ann Furedi is Chief Executive of British Pregnancy Advisory Service, a not-for-profit provider of abortion services in the UK. She is a leading pro-choice advocate and has written extensively on issues relating to pregnancy and birth control. 


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