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Employment Relations in Financial Services

An Exploration of the Employee Experience After the Financial Crash


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About this book


This book describes and analyses the impact of the 2007-2008 financial crisis upon the working conditions of employees in the financial services sector in Britain. It tells the story of workers being made to pay the price for a crisis that was not of their own making, but nevertheless caused a deleterious impact on their employment security, remuneration and working conditions. Evidence of fighting back against this has been sparse so that the response of employees is best characterised as ‘fright’ (grudgingly working harder and longer), ‘flight’ (leaving the sector through redundancy), and ‘falling in line’ (accepting the diktat of performance managements systems).  Through this book we learn the reasons behind this acquiescence, with its detailed attention to topics such as the stunted development of labour unionism, the prevalence of union-management partnerships, and the occurrence of employment insecurity and labour shedding. Providing a valuable insight into the effects of the financial crash, Employment Relations in Financial Services will be useful to academics, students and also trade unionists.


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Gregor Gall is Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Bradford. He has authored ten books and edited another ten, all on matters of labour unionism and left-wing politics. One of these was Labour Unionism in the Financial Services Sector: Struggling for Rights and Representation (2008).

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