The Political Imaginary of Sexual Freedom

Subjectivity and Power in the New Sexual Democratic Turn

  • Leticia┬áSabsay

Part of the Studies in the Psychosocial book series (STIP)

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About this book


This book develops a performative and relational approach to gendered and sexualised bodies conceived as distinct from the more limited individualistic idea of sexual identity and orientation that is at play within notions of progress in contemporary transnational sexual politics. Focusing on the psychosocial dimension of sexual life, Sabsay challenges accepted ideas of increased emancipation, and the steady extension of rights, offering instead a critique of the liberal imaginary that is at the base of the sexual rights-bearing subject. The book offers a notion of sexual embodiment that provides an alternative to individualism, one that is social, radically relational and psychically divided, and that implies a different conception of democratic sexual politics for our time.
This book brings together political and cultural analysis of sexual rights discourse with a strong theory of the relational subject whose political investments and articulations depend on a political imaginary. This is a highly original and methodical text which will be of particular interest to academics and scholars of gender and sexuality studies, sociology, politics and psychology.


Sexual subject Sexual politics Gender diversity Sexual regulation Neoliberal subject Performativity Sexual progressiveness Subjectivity Psychoanalysis freedom liberty personality psychology social psychology

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