Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVI

  • Paul Okunieff
  • Jacqueline Williams
  • Yuhchyau Chen
Conference proceedings

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 566)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Gregory Schears, Jennifer Creed, Tatiana Zaitseva, Steven Schultz, David F. Wilson, Anna Pastuszko
    Pages 1-7
  3. Shoko Nioka, Simon Wen, Jun Zhang, Juan Du, Xavior Intes, Zhongyao Zhao et al.
    Pages 17-22
  4. Eiji Takahashi, Tomohiro Takano, Aya Numata, Natsuho Hayashi, Satoshi Okano, Osamu Nakajima et al.
    Pages 39-44
  5. Hisaharu Kohzuki, Hidemi Fujino
    Pages 45-50
  6. Michelle A. Puchowicz, Douglas S. Emancipator, Kui Xu, Danielle L. Magness, Obinna I. Ndubuizu, W. David Lust et al.
    Pages 51-57
  7. Bruce M. Fenton, Scott F. Paoni, Brian Grimwood, Ivan Ding
    Pages 59-65
  8. Govindasamy Ilangovan, Anna Bratasz, Periannan Kuppusamy
    Pages 67-73
  9. Franklyn A. Howe, James P. Connelly, Simon P. Robinson, Roger Springett, John R. Griffiths
    Pages 75-81
  10. Edwin M. Nemoto, Charles Jungreis, Donald Larnard, Hiroto Kuwabara, Michael Horowitz, Amin Kassam
    Pages 83-89
  11. Kurt von Siebenthal, Matthias Keel, Jean-Claude Fauchère, Vera Dietz, Daniel Haensse, Ursula Wolf et al.
    Pages 91-97
  12. Michelle A. Puchowicz, Krishnan Radhakrishnan, Kui Xu, Danielle L. Magness, Joseph C. LaManna
    Pages 99-104
  13. Oleg Y. Grinberg, Huagang Hou, Marcie A. Roche, Jennifer Merlis, Stalina A. Grinberg, Nadeem Khan et al.
    Pages 111-118
  14. Nadeem Khan, Huagang Hou, Patrick Hein, Richard J. Comi, Jay C. Buckey, Oleg Grinberg et al.
    Pages 119-125
  15. Oleg Grinberg, Boris Novozhilov, Stalina Grinberg, Bruce Friedman, Harold M. Swartz
    Pages 127-134
  16. Edwin M. Nemoto, Howard Yonas, Hiroto Kuwabara, Ronda Pindzola, Donald Sashin, Yuefang Chang et al.
    Pages 135-141
  17. Michael McCabe, David J. Maguire, Nicholas A. Lintell
    Pages 143-149
  18. Elaine M. Fisher, Joseph C. LaManna
    Pages 151-157
  19. David F. Wilson, Sergei A. Vinogradov, Pavel Grosul, Akiko Kuroki, Jean Bennett
    Pages 159-165
  20. Huagang Hou, Oleg Y. Grinberg, Stalina A. Grinberg, Nadeem Khan, Jeff F. Dunn, Harold M. Swartz
    Pages 179-185
  21. Ilias Tachtsidis, Clare E. Elwell, Terence S. Leung, Katharine Bleasdale-Barr, Katharine Hunt, Nathan Toms et al.
    Pages 187-193
  22. Paul B. Benni, Bo Chen, Francine D. Dykes, Scott F. Wagoner, Micheal Heard, April J. Tanner et al.
    Pages 195-201
  23. Mona Larsen, Anja Høg, Eva L. Lund, Paul E. G. Kristjansen
    Pages 203-211
  24. Paul Okunieff, Bruce Fenton, Yuhchyau Chen
    Pages 213-222
  25. Gernot Gronow, Wataru Kähler, Andreas Koch, Norbert Klause
    Pages 223-229
  26. Britton Chance, Shoko Nioka, Warren Warren, Gunay Yurtsever
    Pages 231-242
  27. Huiping Wu, Duane F. Bruley
    Pages 243-248
  28. Feng Gao, Paul Okunieff, Zeqiu Han, Ivan Ding, Luping Wang, Weimin Liu et al.
    Pages 249-256
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    Pages 257-262
  30. Clare E. Elwell, Julian R. Henty, Terence S. Leung, Topun Austin, Judith H. Meek, David T. Delpy et al.
    Pages 263-268
  31. Albert Gjedde
    Pages 269-275
  32. Albert Gjedde
    Pages 277-283
  33. Kaye J. Williams, Catriona A. Parker, Ian J. Stratford
    Pages 285-294
  34. Harold M. Swartz, Jeff Dunn
    Pages 295-301
  35. Chris B. Wolff, Sophie K. Checkley, Georgina Bhageerutty, Himanshu Bhatt, Atholl Johnston, David J. Collier et al.
    Pages 311-316
  36. John Biaglow, Mark Dewhirst, Dennis Leeper, Randy Burd, Steve Tuttle
    Pages 317-323
  37. David K. Harrison, Ian E. Hawthorn
    Pages 325-331
  38. Peter Vaupel, Arnulf Mayer, Susanne Briest, Michael Höckel
    Pages 333-342
  39. Oliver Thews, Christine Lambert, Debra K. Kelleher, Hans-Konrad Biesalski, Peter Vaupel, Jürgen Frank
    Pages 349-355
  40. Yasuko S. Sakata, Oleg Y. Grinberg, Stalina Grinberg, Roger Springett, Harold M. Swartz
    Pages 357-362
  41. Giuseppe Cicco, P. C. Panzera, G. Catalano, V. Memeo
    Pages 363-373
  42. David J. Maguire, Nicholas A. Lintell, Michael McCabe, L. Griffiths
    Pages 375-380

About these proceedings


The International Society of Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT) was founded in 1973 to provide a forum for bioengineers, basic scientists, physiologists, and physicians to discuss new data, original theories, new interpretations of old data, and new technologies for the measurement of oxygen. At each annual meeting all posters are presented orally along with plenary lectures, and all presentations are given in a general session attended by everyone. Each meeting has had a specific focus, ranging from neonatology to physical chemistry to cancer biology. The Society has helped to build many careers, through opportunities to meet leaders in the field, and through awards made to young physicians and scientists. The Society also, through cross fertilization of ideas and scientific comradery, has inspired many breakthroughs in clinical medicine that now benefit mankind. I find myself president of the society after having been a winner of the Melvin Knisely Award for young scientists, in 1991. The 2003 meeting emphasized the role of oxygen and oxygen measurement in tumor growth, metastasis, physiology, and treatment resistance. Additionally, however, completely novel approaches to measurement of tissue oxygen were presented (notably work by Dr. Takahashi) and molecular methods for estimating tissue oxygen were evaluated. Papers discussing other aspects of oxygen measurement and pathophysiology were presented including in vivo ESR spectroscopy (notably including Dr. Swartz and colleagues), exercise physiology, organ transplant outcome (discussed by Dr. Cicco, our 2004 president), circulatory physiology, and cerebral oxygenation (notably including Dr. Chance).


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