Corporate Governance in a Globalising World: Convergence or Divergence?

A European Perspective

  • Lutgart Van den Berghe
  • Christoph Van der Elst
  • Steven Carchon
  • Abigail Levrau

About this book


Corporate Governance In A Globalising World: Convergence Or Divergence? presents a broad and multi-disciplinary debate on corporate governance systems by integrating academic viewpoints, statistical evidence, as well as field surveys. Based on a large number of publications and studies, the opinions of researchers are grouped into three categories: those that believe in a convergence into the direction of the market-oriented model (with the Anglo-American model as the reference base), those that opt for another type of convergence, namely in the direction of a hybrid corporate governance model (based on cross-reference between different leading governance models), and those that do not believe in global convergence but adhere to diversity of governance models.


Corporate Governance Evaluation Governance Shareholder business development

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  • Lutgart Van den Berghe
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  • Christoph Van der Elst
  • Steven Carchon
  • Abigail Levrau
  1. 1.University of GentBelgium

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