The Guenons: Diversity and Adaptation in African Monkeys

  • Mary E. Glenn
  • Marina Cords

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Evolutionary Biology and Biogeography

    1. Anthony J. Tosi, Paul J. Buzzard, Juan Carlos Morales, Don J. Melnick
      Pages 15-26
    2. Todd R. Disotell, Ryan L. Raaum
      Pages 27-36
    3. Jean-Pierre Gautier, RÈgine Vercauteren Drubbel, Pierre Deleporte
      Pages 37-48
    4. Marc Colyn, Pierre Deleporte
      Pages 61-78
    5. K. Ann Horsburgh, Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith, Mary E. Glenn, Keith J. Bensen
      Pages 99-109
  3. Behavior

    1. W. Scott McGraw
      Pages 113-131
    2. Mary E. Glenn, Reiko Matsuda, Keith J. Bensen
      Pages 133-145
    3. Lynne A. Isbell, Dorothy L. Cheney, Robert M. Seyfarth
      Pages 173-187
    4. Mairi C. Macleod, Caroline Ross, Michael J. Lawes
      Pages 203-216
    5. Janice Chism, William Rogers
      Pages 233-244
  4. Ecology

    1. Colin A. Chapman, Lauren J. Chapman, Marina Cords, Joel Mwangi Gathua, Annie Gautier-Hion, Joanna E. Lambert et al.
      Pages 325-350
  5. Conservation

  6. Back Matter
    Pages 425-438

About this book


It has been twelve years since a work relating to the long-tailed African monkeys known as the guenons has been published and fifteen years have passed since the last major scientific symposium was held that was solely dedicated to current research on members of this monkey group living in the wild. Since that time, new guenon species and subspecies have been discovered, previously unstudied guenon species have become the subject of long-term research projects, and knowledge of the more well-known guenon species has greatly increased. This volume presents novel information and keen insight on research previously studied and newly discovered. A wide range of topics related to guenon biology is presented, including evolution, taxonomy, biogeography, reproductive physiology, social and positional behavior, ecology, and conservation. Composed of 26 chapters compiled by 47 authors, many of whom are young investigators in their field, The Guenons: Diversity and Adaptation in African Monkeys provides a valuable resource for researchers and scientists in the fields of anthropology, primatology, zoology, and conservation biology.


Adaptation Conservation biology biogeography evolution evolutionary biology genes phylogeny physiology primatology

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  • Mary E. Glenn
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  • Marina Cords
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  1. 1.Humboldt State UniversityArcata
  2. 2.Columbia UniversityNew York

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