Hairy Root Cultures Based Applications

Methods and Protocols

  • Vikas Srivastava
  • Shakti Mehrotra
  • Sonal Mishra

Part of the Rhizosphere Biology book series (RHBIO)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Shakti Mehrotra, Sonal Mishra, Vikas Srivastava
    Pages 1-10
  3. Ewa Skała, Przemysław Sitarek
    Pages 11-42
  4. Vijay Lakshmi Jamwal, Irshad Ahmad Rather, Nitika Kapoor, Sumit G. Gandhi
    Pages 43-54
  5. Rekha Chouhan, Natish Kumar, Amit Kumar, Sajad Ahmed, Yadunandan Sen, Sumit G. Gandhi
    Pages 55-63
  6. Felipe A. Vázquez-Flota, María de Lourdes Miranda-Ham, Marina del Pilar Navarrete-Loeza, Miriam Monforte-González
    Pages 65-75
  7. Appakan Shajahan, Chandrasekaran Thilip, Valiyaparambath Musfir Mehaboob, Kunnampalli Faizal, Palusamy Raja, Ganesan Thiagu et al.
    Pages 87-98
  8. Yam-Puc Alejandro, Sandoval-Antúnez Carlos Alberto, José Esteban de los Santos-Castillo, Avilés-Berzunza Elidé, García-Sosa Karlina, Peña-Rodríguez Luis Manuel et al.
    Pages 99-122
  9. Alejandra B. Cardillo, María Perassolo, Juan M. Minoia, Julián Rodríguez Talou, Ana M. Giulietti
    Pages 123-132
  10. María Perassolo, Alejandra B. Cardillo, Víctor D. Busto, Stéphanie Rivière, Julieta Cerezo, Ana M. Giulietti et al.
    Pages 133-152
  11. Jawahar Singh, Kamal Kumar, Praveen Kumar Verma
    Pages 217-228

About this book


The book discusses the various methods and protocols available in hairy root culture-based research. The utilization of Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation and establishment of hairy root cultures has paved the way for large-scale secondary metabolite production in medicinal plants. Presenting recent research and offering insights from eminent research groups, the book covers a range of topics related to hairy root-based applications, including (i) establishment of hairy roots and native production of SM (ii) yield enhancement strategies for increased SM production, like elicitation (iii) hairy roots as a tool for value-added applications such as plant-microbe interaction, characterization of plant genes and root biology studies. As such it is an informative guide and experimental manual for researchers in diverse fields of plant biology.


Agrobacterium Hairy Root Hairy Root Culture Rhizosphere Secondary Metabolites Soil Biology

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  • Vikas Srivastava
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  • Shakti Mehrotra
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  • Sonal Mishra
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  1. 1.Department of BotanyCentral University of JammuSambaIndia
  2. 2.Department of BiotechnologyInstitute of Engineering and TechnologyLucknowIndia
  3. 3.School of BiotechnologyUniversity of JammuJammuIndia

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