Under the Bleachers

Teachers’ Reflections of What They Didn’t Learn in College

  • Joseph R. Jones

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Adam Crownover
    Pages 1-12
  3. Phyllis Dorn
    Pages 13-15
  4. Susan W. Thornton
    Pages 23-33
  5. Anne M. Meirow
    Pages 35-39
  6. Elizabeth E. Williams
    Pages 41-47
  7. Joseph R. Jones, Sybil A. Keesbury
    Pages 49-53
  8. Misty S. Salter
    Pages 55-58
  9. Sybil A. Keesbury
    Pages 59-71
  10. Danielle M. Howard
    Pages 73-77
  11. Richard Kilburn
    Pages 85-90
  12. Tracey Dumas Clark
    Pages 91-94
  13. Kia James
    Pages 95-97
  14. Joseph R. Jones
    Pages 99-103
  15. Don Jenrette
    Pages 105-109
  16. H. Anne Hathaway
    Pages 111-119
  17. Sharon Murphy Augustine
    Pages 121-124
  18. Aspasia P. Watson
    Pages 125-133
  19. Joseph R. Jones
    Pages 135-137
  20. Back Matter
    Pages 139-143

About this book


“The field of education can be a rewarding, but ever challenging career. This book is an essential read for new teachers and veteran teachers alike. The insightful stories that Dr. Joseph Jones has masterfully chosen as part of the book will inspire a new sense of resolve and hope for those who are feeling the weight of seemingly impossible demands placed on teachers. These compelling excerpts will assist the reader through the maze of uncertainty that many new teachers face.” --Wendi West Veteran Teacher Elementary, Virginia Under the Bleachers: Teachers’ Reflections of What They Didn’t Learn in College is a unique text because the chapters offer insight into the daily chaos of teaching. The chapters are written by practicing educators and provide advice to both future educators and current teachers. It is important to mention, the text is not an avenue to criticize teacher education programs; rather, the book opens a dialogic space in which all educators can begin discussing and reflecting on the realities of the schooling process.


bullying classroom management discipline new teachers teacher pedagogy

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