The 1996 Bosnia-Herzegovina Elections

An Analysis of the Observations

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  • Hans Schmeets
  • Jeanet Exel

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  2. Hans Schmeets, Jeanet Exel
    Pages 11-12
  3. Hans Schmeets, Jeanet Exel
    Pages 13-19
  4. Hans Schmeets, Jeanet Exel
    Pages 21-78
  5. Hans Schmeets, Jeanet Exel
    Pages 79-96
  6. Hans Schmeets, Jeanet Exel
    Pages 97-102
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 103-152

About this book


On 14th September 1996, against the background of the Dayton agreement, six different elections took place in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This book covers in detail what was observed on the ground by 900 international observers: the voting process and the count of votes. Did the Polling Station Committee act impartially and competently? What representatives of parties or candidates were observing the elections? In which aspects do the regions in the entities Republica Srpska and the Federation Bosnia-Herzegovina differ? Did observers report specific problems in municipalities split by the Inter Entity Boundary Line?
The book contributes to a clear understanding of the political climate, the role of the OSCE, and whether the elections were conducted properly. It should be of interest to students, scholars and others working in observation and analysis of elections, the political situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, ethnic conflicts, and the role of international organisations in democratisation and peace processes.


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