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  2. I. Ermolli, M. Fofi, C. Bernacchia, F. Berrilli, B. Caccin, A. Egidi et al.
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  3. K. A. Burlov-Vasiljev, Yu. B. Matvejev, I. E. Vasiljeva
    Pages 25-40
  4. Gérard Thuillier, Michel Hersé, Paul C. Simon, Dietrich Labs, Holger Mandel, Didier Gillotay et al.
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  5. L. E. Floyd, P. A. Reiser, P. C. Crane, L. C. Herring, D. K. Prinz, G. E. Brueckner
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  6. Oran R. White, Giuliana De Toma, Gary J. Rottman, Thomas N. Woods, Barry G. Knapp
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  7. Matthew T. Deland, Richard P. Cebula
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  9. D. L. Judge, D. R. McMullin, H. S. Ogawa, D. Hovestadt, B. Klecker, M. Hilchenbach et al.
    Pages 161-173
  10. T. V. Kazachevskaya, S. I. Avdushin, D. A. Gonukh, A. I. Lomovsky, A. A. Nusinov, P. M. Svidsky et al.
    Pages 175-180
  11. A. A. Nusinov, L. A. Antonova, V. V. Katyushina
    Pages 191-195
  12. K. K. Mahajan, Hari Om Upadhyay, N. K. Sethi, W. R. Hoegy, W. D. Pesnell, L. H. Brace
    Pages 203-216
  13. D. G. Parker, R. K. Ulrich, J. M. Pap
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  14. Patrick C. Crane
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  15. John R. Worden, Oran R. White, Thomas N. Woods
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  16. Anders Johannesson, William H. Marquette, Harold Zirin
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  17. Michael Steinegger, Jose A. Bonet, Manuel Vázquez, Antonio Jiménez
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    Pages 295-303
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    Pages 305-310
  20. M. Minarovjech, M. Rybanský, V. Rušin
    Pages 357-364
  21. Gisela Dreschhoff, Edward J. Zeller
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  22. Vicente Domingo
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  23. Claus Fröhlich
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  24. Sabatino Sofia
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  25. Sebastián J. Jiménez-Reyes, Pere L. Pallé
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  26. Peter A. Sturrock
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  27. G. A. Chapman, S. R. Walton
    Pages 437-447
  28. Eugene H. Avrett
    Pages 449-469
  29. G. J. Rottman, R. P. Cebula, D. Gillotay, P. A. Simon
    Pages 491-509
  30. Tom Woods, Howard Ogawa, Kent Tobiska, Frantisek Farnik
    Pages 511-517

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Measurements of solar irradiance, both bolometric and at various wavelengths, over the last two decades have established conclusively that the solar energy flux varies on a wide range of time scales, from minutes to the 11-year solar cycle. The major question is how the solar variability influences the terrestrial climate.
The Solar Electromagnetic Radiation Study for Solar Cycle 22 (SOLERS22) is an international research program operating under the auspices of the Solar-Terrestrial Energy Program (STEP) Working Group 1: `The Sun as a Source of Energy and Disturbances'. STEP is sponsored by the Scientific Committee of Solar-Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP) of the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU).
The main goal of the SOLERS22 1996 Workshop was to bring the international research community together to review the most recent results obtained from observations, theoretical interpretation, empirical and physical models of the variations in the solar energy flux and their possible impact on climate studies. These questions are essential for researchers and graduate students in solar-terrestrial physics.


Corona Orbit Scale Solar flare Solar wind Sun Sunspot Wind solar

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