Plasma Astrophysics And Space Physics

Proceedings of the VIIth International Conference held in Lindau, Germany, May 4–8, 1998

  • Jörg Büchner
  • Ian Axford
  • Eckart Marsch
  • Vytenis Vasyliūnas

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. Harry E. Petschek
    Pages 9-16
  3. K. Stucki, S. K. Solanki, I. Rüedi, J. O. Stenflo, A. Brković, U. Schühle et al.
    Pages 53-61
  4. Eckart Marsch
    Pages 63-76
  5. A. A. Galeev, A. M. Sadovski
    Pages 101-112
  6. Rekha Jain, Grigory E. Vekstein
    Pages 113-128
  7. Y. Uchida, S. Hirose, S. Morita, M. Torii, T. Tanaka, T. Yabiku et al.
    Pages 145-169
  8. E. Trussoni, C. Sauty, K. Tsinganos, N. Vlahakis
    Pages 183-194
  9. H. Kimura, I. Mann, A. Wehry
    Pages 213-218
  10. S. I. Popel, V. N. Tsytovich
    Pages 219-226
  11. H. Krüger, E. Grün, A. Graps, S. Lammers
    Pages 247-256
  12. Mihály Horányi
    Pages 257-271
  13. D. B. Melrose
    Pages 391-400
  14. D. B. Melrose
    Pages 401-410
  15. Maxim Lyutikov
    Pages 411-421
  16. W.-H. Ip, W. I. Axford
    Pages 437-442
  17. Reinhard Schlickeiser, Rami Vainio
    Pages 457-469
  18. N. Shimada, T. Terasawa, M. Hoshino, T. Naito, H. Matsui, T. Koi et al.
    Pages 481-488
  19. G. Mann, H. T. Classen, U. Motschmann, H. Kunow, W. Dröge
    Pages 489-496
  20. S. V. Chalov, H. J. Fahr
    Pages 509-525
  21. Susan M. P. Mckenna-Lawlor, E. Kirsch, P. Daly
    Pages 545-566
  22. G. T. Birk, H. Wiechen
    Pages 567-572
  23. D. I. Bojskov, A. M. Krymskii, T. K. Breus, W. I. Axford
    Pages 573-580
  24. A. Czechowski, R. Ratkiewicz, J. F. Mckenzie, W. I. Axford
    Pages 593-598

About these proceedings


In May 1998 a hundred renowned scientists from 20 different countries met at the Max-Planck-Institut für Aeronomie to communicate their latest results and ideas in astrophysical and space plasma, as a follow-up to previous similar meetings which were held in Varenna, Abastumai, Potsdam, Toki and Guaruja. The main papers emerging from this meeting are collected in this volume.
They deal with fundamental plasma phenomena, particle and radiation processes in astrophysics and space physics as the origin of magnetic activity, the basic mechanisms of particle acceleration and plasma heating common to plasma in galaxies and at the sun as well as in planetary magnetospheres. New observational results from YOHKOH, SOHO and other missions are presented. Using these, the basic physical processes leading to coronal heating and solar/stellar wind acceleration are discussed. Other topics are the microphysics of shock waves and transport phenomena in collisionless plasmas and the physics of thin plasma boundaries.
The volume also treats the ionic composition of plasma and dust in the Universe and their observability in the solar system. A CD-ROM is attached which adds a valuable multimedia component, illuminating results of observations, theory and simulations.
Everyone interested in astrophysical plasmas, its radiation and charged particle aspects, and advanced or even beginning students will find references to nearly all modern aspects of plasma astrophysics and space physics as well as an overview of current research results.


Dusty plasma Plasma astrophysics cosmic ray galaxies magnetosphere planet plasma physics radiation relativistic jet solar system solar wind space physics sun universe

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  • Jörg Büchner
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  • Ian Axford
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  • Eckart Marsch
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  • Vytenis Vasyliūnas
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  1. 1.Max Planck Institute für AeronomieLindauGermany

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