Molecular Biology of Saccharomyces

  • L. A. Grivell

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  2. U. Nehrbass, E. C. Hurt
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  3. Susan M. Gasser, Robin Walter, Qi Dang, Maria E. Cardenas
    Pages 15-24
  4. John F. X. Diffley
    Pages 25-33
  5. Jeremy D. Brown, Mary Plumpton, Jean D. Beggs
    Pages 35-46
  6. Patrick Linder
    Pages 47-62
  7. Wolf H. Kunau, Andreas Hartig
    Pages 63-78
  8. Gerd Gellissen, Karl Melber, Zbigniew A. Janowicz, Ulrike M. Dahlems, Ulrike Weydemann, Michael Piontek et al.
    Pages 79-93
  9. James B. Konopka, Stanley Fields
    Pages 95-108
  10. M. Bolotin-Fukuhara, L. A. Grivell
    Pages 131-153

About this book


At a fundamental research level, the yeasts offer valuable opportunities for modelling regulatory and metabolic processes in multicellular eukaryotic organisms: this volume deals with the multifunctional chromosome regulatory proteins, topoisomerase and nuclear transport. A combination of biochemical and genetic approaches applied to the yeast translation system is also currently yielding a wealth of data, while the mating pheromone signal transduction pathway in yeasts provides a valuable analogue of the signal transduction components used by multicellular organisms, including receptors, G proteins, protein kinases and transcription factors.
With a well-established history of fermantation studies, yeasts remain the first-choice vehicle for production of heterologous eukaryotic proteins. Interest is diversifying, as an increasing number of non-Saccharomyces species are now being utilised for the production of specific heterologous proteins.
Molecular biologists, microbiologists and biochemical geneticists will find this volume an authoritative and valuable update on a vibrant area of research.


biology molecular biology protein proteins receptor signal transduction transcription translation

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