Metal Matrix Composites

  • J. N. Fridlyander

Part of the Soviet Advanced Composites Technology Series book series (SACTS, volume 3)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. V. M. Tchubarov, A. A. Zabolotsky, G. A. Krivov
    Pages 61-195
  3. S. E. Salibekov
    Pages 196-211
  4. V. F. Stroganova
    Pages 212-244
  5. V. I. Kostikov, V. C. Kilin
    Pages 245-395
  6. I. N. Fridlyander, A. S. Bubenschikov
    Pages 396-439
  7. G. P. Mashinskaya, G. F. Zhelezina, O. G. Senatorova
    Pages 487-570
  8. S. I. Kishkina
    Pages 571-600
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 659-682

About this book


The problem of developing metal matrix (MCM) and metal-polymer (MPCM) composite materials is one of the most important in present­ day materials technology, for its solution is pivotal to the development of a number of leading technologies. The development of new fibrous and lamellar composite materials with improved physico-chemical, electrical, thermal and other properties is a springboard for qualitative scientific and technological advances not only in aerospace and shipbuilding technologies, but also in mechanical, power, electronic, electrical, radio engineering, transport, construction and other industries. The volume reviews the results of research programmes ac­ complished in recent years by Soviet scientists in the development of composite materials based on aluminium and magnesium matrices, polymatrix composites (composite materials) with metal and polymeric matrices reinforced with boron and carbon fibres, steel wire, fibre glass and other fillers. The volume also reviews present-day physico-chemical fundamen­ tals and basic principles for developing and optimizing metal matrix composites, and describes the most expedient and efficient methods of MCM and MPCM manufacturing. Special attention is devoted to the issue of manufacturing MCM structural members, and their machin­ ing and plastic working, as well as to coupling techniques.


Aluminium composite composite materials deformation glass metal micromechanics

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