Fragmented Energy Release in Sun and Stars

The Interface between MHD and Plasma Physics

  • G. H. J. Van den Oord

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xviii
  2. Energy Release Processes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Michael A. Raadu
      Pages 29-38
    3. M. Goossens
      Pages 51-62
    4. K. Galsgaard, Å. Nordlund
      Pages 75-80
    5. M. A. Dubois, R. Nakach, R. Sabot, P. Hennequin
      Pages 81-86
    6. John C. Brown, Norman Gray
      Pages 93-96
    7. G. Einaudi, M. Velli
      Pages 97-102
    8. S. Poedts, J. P. Goedbloed
      Pages 103-108
    9. Frank Verheest
      Pages 109-114
    10. M. Jardine, H. R. Allen, R. E. Grundy
      Pages 115-116
    11. Panagiota Petkaki, Alec L. Mackinnon
      Pages 117-118
    12. V. G. Ledenev
      Pages 119-120
    13. J. P. Goedbloed, G. Halberstadt
      Pages 121-124
    14. Dirk K. Callebaut, Nodar L. Tsintsadze
      Pages 125-128
    15. P. Démoulin, J. C. Hénoux, B. Schmieder, C. H. Mandrini, M. G. Rovira, B. Somov
      Pages 129-130
  3. Fragmented Solar Emission

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 133-133
    2. D. B. Melrose
      Pages 159-170
    3. Jürgen Kurths, Udo Schwarz
      Pages 171-184
    4. Markus J. Aschwanden, Arnold O. Benz
      Pages 193-198
    5. K. Shibasaki, T. Takano, S. Enome, H. Nakajima, M. Nishio, Y. Hanaoka et al.
      Pages 217-224
    6. N. Vilmer, G. Trottet, C. Barat, J. P. Dezalay, R. Talon, R. Sunyaev et al.
      Pages 233-238
    7. G. D. Fleishman, K. Yu. Platonov
      Pages 243-244
    8. U. Schwarz, J. Kurths, A. Witt, A. O. Benz
      Pages 245-246
    9. S. Krucker, A. O. Benz
      Pages 247-248
    10. A. T. Altyntsev, V. V. Grechnev, G. N. Zubkova, N. N. Kardapolova, S. V. Lesovoi, Y. M. Rosenraukh et al.
      Pages 251-252
    11. V. M. Fridman, O. A. Sheiner
      Pages 253-254
    12. V. M. Fridman, B. N. Levin, O. A. Sheiner
      Pages 255-257
  4. Stars

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 259-259
    2. T. S. Bastian
      Pages 261-274
    3. Vladimir V. Zheleznyakov, A. V. Serber
      Pages 275-289
    4. M. Abada-Simon, A. Lecacheux, T. S. Bastian, J. A. Bookbinder, G. A. Dulk
      Pages 291-292
    5. E. Lefèvre, K.-L. Klein, J.-F. Lestrade
      Pages 293-296
  5. Stellar and Galactic Accretion Disks

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 297-297
    2. A. A. Van Ballegooijen
      Pages 299-307

About this book


Magnetic energy release plays an important role in a wide variety of cosmic objects such as the Sun, stellar coronae, stellar and galactic accretion disks and pulsars. The observed radio, X-ray and gamma-ray emission often directly results from magnetic `flares', implying that these processes are spatially fragmented and of an impulsive nature. A true understanding of these processes requires a combined magnetohydrodynamical and plasma physical approach. Fragmented Energy Release in Sun and Stars: the Interface between MHD and Plasma Physics provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary summary of magnetic energy release in the Sun and stars, in accretion disks, in pulsar magnetospheres and in laboratory plasmas. These proceedings include papers on both theoretical and observational aspects.
Fragmented Energy Release in Sun and Stars: the Interface between MHD and Plasma Physics is for researchers in the fields of solar physics, stellar astrophysics and (laboratory) plasma physics and is a useful resource book for graduate level astrophysics courses.


Accretion Chromosphere Corona Solar flare Solar wind Sun astrophysics solar

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