Industrial Applications of the Mössbauer Effect

Proceedings of ISIAME 2000 held in Virginia Beach, USA, 13–18 August 2000

  • Desmond C. Cook
  • Gilbert R. Hoy

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-2
  2. Chemistry

    1. J. Van De Loosdrecht, P. J. Van Berge, M. W. J. Crajé, A. M. Van Der Kraan
      Pages 3-18
    2. K. Lázár, G. Pál-Borbély, Á. Szegedi, H. K. Beyer
      Pages 19-31
    3. S. G. Marchetti, M. V. Cagnoli, A. M. Alvarez, J. F. Bengoa, N. G. Gallegos, A. A. Yeramián et al.
      Pages 33-40
    4. Z. Homonnay, K. Nomura, S. Hamakawa, T. Hayakawa, G. Juhász, E. Kuzmann et al.
      Pages 41-50
    5. Y. Van Der Meer, M. J. Vissenberg, V. H. J. De Beer, J. A. R. Van Veen, A. M. Van Der Kraan
      Pages 51-57
    6. A. Goossens, M. W. J. CRAJÉ, A. M. Van Der Kraan, A. Zwijnenburg, M. Makkee, J. A. Moulijn et al.
      Pages 59-66
    7. K. LáZáR, W. D. Rhodes, I. Borbáth, M. Hegedüs, J. L. Margitfalvi
      Pages 87-96
    8. V. Ksenofontov, S. Reiman, D. Walcher, Y. Garcia, N. Doroshenko, P. Gütlich
      Pages 107-112
    9. M. Björgvinsson, O. Helgason, M. H. Haraldsson
      Pages 113-118
  3. Surfaces

    1. F. B. Waanders, S. W. Vorster, A. J. Geldenhuys
      Pages 133-139
    2. A. C. Agudelo, J. F. Marco, J. R. Gancedo, G. A. Pérez-Alcàzar
      Pages 141-152
    3. Rama Balasubramanian, D. C. Cook, M. Yamashita
      Pages 167-173
    4. Saburo Nasu, Takayuki Kamimura, Takashi Tazaki
      Pages 175-182
    5. Paulo A. De Souza Jr., M. C. S. De Macêdo, R. S. De Queiroz, G. Klingelhöfer
      Pages 183-191
    6. E. Kuzmann, M. El-Sharif, C. U. Chisholm, G. Principi, C. Tosello, A. Gupta et al.
      Pages 193-204
    7. Amitesh Paul, Ajay Gupta, Prasanna Shah, K. Kawaguchi, G. Principi
      Pages 205-213
    8. Z. Homonnay, E. Kuzmann, K. Varga, J. Dobránszky, A. Vértes, P. Baradlai et al.
      Pages 215-222
    9. O. Benali, M. Abdelmoula, Ph. Refait, J.-M. R. Génin
      Pages 223-230
    10. G. Ona-Nguema, M. Abdelmoula, F. Jorand, O. Benali, A. Géhin, J.-C. Block et al.
      Pages 231-237
    11. F. B. Waanders, S. W. Vorster, G. J. Olivier
      Pages 239-244
    12. E. Kuzmann, I. Muzsay, Z. Homonnay, A. Vértes
      Pages 245-250
    13. E. Kuzmann, K. Nomura, I. Podolesheva, P. Gushterova, Z. Homonnay, A. Vértes
      Pages 251-257
    14. M. Carbucicchio, C. Martini, G. Palombarini, M. Rateo
      Pages 259-265
  4. Materials processing

    1. G. Palombarini, M. Carbucicchio
      Pages 267-287
    2. P. Coquay, E. De Grave, R. E. Vandenberghe, A. Peigney, Ch. Laurent
      Pages 289-296
    3. K Nomura, Z. Homonnay, G. Juhász, A. Vértes, H. Donen, Ts. Sawada
      Pages 297-305
    4. Peter Schaaf, Felix Landry, Meng Han, Ettore Carpene, Klaus-Peter Lieb
      Pages 307-314
    5. G. Principi, T. Spataru, A. Maddalena, S. Gialanella
      Pages 315-324
    6. Abdel-Fatah Lehlooh, Salameh M. Fayyad, Sami H. Mahmood
      Pages 335-344
    7. L. Takacs, Vijayendra K. Garg, V. Soika, A. C. Oliveira
      Pages 345-354
    8. Ettore Carpene, Felix Landry, Meng Han, Klaus Peter Lieb, Peter Schaaf
      Pages 355-361
    9. C. Ramos, C. Saragovi, M. Granovsky, D. Arias
      Pages 363-368
    10. M. Kopcewicz, J. Jagielski, W. Matz
      Pages 369-377
    11. F. Saporiti, P. Bozzano, R. Versaci, C. Ramos, P. Vázquez, I. Raspini et al.
      Pages 379-386
    12. Abdel-Fatah D. Lehlooh, Sami H. Mahmood
      Pages 387-392
    13. M. Carbucicchio, C. Grazzi, G. Palombarini, M. Rateo, G. Sambogna
      Pages 393-398
    14. S. D. Kaloshkin, V. V. Tcherdyntsev, A. I. Salimon, I. A. Tomilin, T. Spataru, G. Principi
      Pages 399-405
    15. S. J. Campbell, G. KlingelhÖfer, W. A. Kaczmarek, M. Hofmann, R. Nagel, G. Wang
      Pages 407-416
  5. Industrial processing

    1. J. D. Cashion, L. J. Brown, C. S. Hannaford, J. S. Hall
      Pages 417-426
    2. V. Slugen, J. Lipka, I. Toth
      Pages 427-435
    3. Radek Zboril, Miroslav Mashlan, Dimitris Petridis, Dagmar Krausova, Petr Pikal
      Pages 437-445
    4. M. Zapponi, T. Pérez, C. Ramos, G. Polla, C. Saragovi, D. C. Cook
      Pages 447-453

About these proceedings


ISIAME 2000 was organized by the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics Research Group at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. It brought together an international group of research scientists and engineers from academia and industry to present details of the most recent investigations on industrially related topics and projects using Mössbauer Spectroscopy as a primary analytical technique. These proceedings inciude the papers presented under the broad topics of Chemistry, Surfaces, Materials Processing, Industrial Processing, and Magnetic and Electronic Materials. Specific research areas drawing much interest include corrosion, catalysis, mechanical alloying, petrochemical, steel and mineralogical processing, nano-phase materials and environmental and pollution monitoring.

The book is of particular interest to university researchers and a very broad range of industrial R&D groups who desire to broaden their knowledge of the latest applications and methods of highly resolved spectroscopic analysis of their products.


Mössbauer effect Mössbauer spectroscopy RSI UPS alloy spectroscopic analysis spectroscopy

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