EXA 2011

Proceedings of the International Conference on Exotic Atoms and Related Topics (EXA 2011) held in Vienna, Austria, September 5-9, 2011

  • Paul Bühler
  • Olaf Hartmann
  • Johann Marton
  • Ken Suzuki
  • Eberhard Widmann
  • Johann Zmeskal
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ii
  2. O. Hartmann, P. Bühler, J. Marton, K. Suzuki, E. Widmann, J. Zmeskal
    Pages 1-7
  3. Ryugo S. Hayano
    Pages 9-14
  4. Grigory Ya. Korenman
    Pages 15-20
  5. Ralf Lehnert
    Pages 29-33
  6. Naofumi Kuroda, Yoshinori Enomoto, Koji Michishio, Chanhyoun Kim, Hiroyuki Higaki, Yugo Nagata et al.
    Pages 35-41
  7. The AEGIS Collaboration, A. Kellerbauer, Y. Allkofer, C. Amsler, A. S. Belov, G. Bonomi et al.
    Pages 43-49
  8. Kenta Itahashi, Georg P. A. Berg, Hiroyuki Fujioka, Hans Geissel, Ryugo S. Hayano, Satoru Hirenzaki et al.
    Pages 51-56
  9. Detlev Gotta, F. D. Amaro, D. F. Anagnostopoulos, P. Bühler, H. Gorke, D. S. Covita et al.
    Pages 57-62
  10. Vladimir N. Pomerantsev, Vladimir P. Popov
    Pages 69-74
  11. Vladimir P. Popov, Vladimir N. Pomerantsev
    Pages 75-81
  12. Simonetta Marcello, on behalf of the PANDA Collaboration
    Pages 93-98
  13. Patrick Achenbach, Sebastian Bleser, Josef Pochodzalla, Alicia Sanchez Lorente, Marcel Steinen
    Pages 99-104
  14. P. Bühler, on behalf of the PANDA collaboration
    Pages 105-110
  15. Marius Christian Mertens, for the PANDA collaboration
    Pages 111-115
  16. Stefanie Lourenço, Horst Lenske, Slawomir Wycech
    Pages 117-120

About these proceedings


Proceedings of the International Conference on Exotic Atoms and Related Topics (EXA 2011) held in Vienna, Austria, September 5-9, 2011

P. Bühler, O. Hartmann, J. Marton, K. Suzuki, E. Widmann and J. Zmeskal (Eds.)

Now the research in exotic atoms has a remarkable history of more than 50 years. Enormous success in the understanding of fundamental interactions and symmetries resulted from the research on these tiny objects at the femtoscale. This volume contains research papers on recent achievements and future opportunities of this highly interdisciplinary field of atomic, nuclear, and particle physics. The Proceedings are structured according to the conference session topics: Kaon-Nucleus and Kaon-Nucleon Interactions, Antihydrogen and Fundamental Symmetries, Hadronphysics with Antiprotons, Future Facilities and Instrumentation, Low energy QCD.

Reprint from Hyperfine Interactions vol. 209, 210 and 211


Antihydrogen and Fundamental Symmetries Exotic Atoms Hadronphysics with Antiprotons Hyperfine Interactions Kaon-Nucleon Interactions Kaon-Nucleus Interactions Low Energy QCD Low Energy Quantum Chromodynamics

Editors and affiliations

  • Paul Bühler
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  • Olaf Hartmann
    • 2
  • Johann Marton
    • 2
  • Ken Suzuki
    • 2
  • Eberhard Widmann
    • 2
  • Johann Zmeskal
    • 2
  1. 1.Austrian Academy of Sciences S. Meyer Inst. for Subatomic PhysicsWienAustria
  2. 2.Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW) Stefan-Meyer-Institut für Subatomare PhysikWienAustria

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