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Lake Kivu

Limnology and biogeochemistry of a tropical great lake

  • Jean-Pierre Descy
  • François Darchambeau
  • Martin Schmid
  • Presents an overview of past and current research on Lake Kivu

  • Integrated synthesis of physics, chemistry, biology and ecology of a deep tropical lake

  • Particular emphasis on the processes of methane formation and scenarios for methane exploitation


Part of the Aquatic Ecology Series book series (AQEC, volume 5)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Jean-Pierre Descy, François Darchambeau, Martin Schmid
    Pages 1-11
  3. Martin Schmid, Alfred Wüest
    Pages 13-29
  4. Natacha Pasche, Fabrice A. Muvundja, Martin Schmid, Alfred Wüest, Beat Müller
    Pages 31-45
  5. Alberto V. Borges, Steven Bouillon, Gwenaël Abril, Bruno Delille, Dominique Poirier, Marc-Vincent Commarieu et al.
    Pages 47-66
  6. Hugo Sarmento, François Darchambeau, Jean-Pierre Descy
    Pages 67-83
  7. Marc Llirós, Jean-Pierre Descy, Xavier Libert, Cédric Morana, Mélodie Schmitz, Louisette Wimba et al.
    Pages 85-105
  8. François Darchambeau, Mwapu Isumbisho, Jean-Pierre Descy
    Pages 107-126
  9. Jos Snoeks, Boniface Kaningini, Pascal Masilya, Laetitia Nyina-wamwiza, Jean Guillard
    Pages 127-152
  10. Alfred Wüest, Lucas Jarc, Helmut Bürgmann, Natacha Pasche, Martin Schmid
    Pages 165-180
  11. Jean-Pierre Descy, François Darchambeau, Martin Schmid
    Pages 181-190

About this book


In the heart of Africa, a unique lake has attracted the attention of scientists since the beginning of the 20th century. At the foot of the Virunga volcano chain, Lake Kivu harbors a vast amount of dissolved carbon dioxide and methane, making it the most dangerous lake on Earth. But the lake also furnishes many goods and services for surrounding populations and may soon become the most important energy supplier in the area. At the beginning of gas exploitation, the time has come to gather the wealth of scientific information acquired during past and present research on Lake Kivu.
The eleven chapters cover many aspects of the physics, geochemistry and biology of the lake, with a particular focus on the unique physical and geochemical features of the water column and on the ecological functioning of the surface waters. The impacts of the introduced fish species and the potential impacts of methane exploitation are also summarized. This multi-disciplinary book may also be used as an introduction to the limnology and biogeochemistry of large tropical lakes, as it covers various aspects of the physics, geochemistry, biology and ecology of the African Great Rift lakes.


African Great Rift Lakes Lake Kivu limnology Lake Kivu natural resources Lake Kivu pelagic ecosystem Methane exploitation

Editors and affiliations

  • Jean-Pierre Descy
    • 1
  • François Darchambeau
    • 2
  • Martin Schmid
    • 3
  1. 1., Department of BiologyUniversity of NamurNamurBelgium
  2. 2., Chemical Oceanography UnitUniversity of LiègeLiègeBelgium
  3. 3.EAWAGKastanienbaumSwitzerland

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