Anesthesia, Pain, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine — A.P.I.C.E.

Proceeding of the 14th Postgraduate Course in Critical Care Medicine Trieste, Italy — November 16–19, 1999

  • Antonino Gullo
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages II-XIX
  2. Respiratory Care

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 21-21
    2. Respiratory Monitoring at Bedside and Techniques

      1. G. Servillo, M. Coppola, R. Tufano
        Pages 37-42
      2. U. Lucangelo, G. Berlot, A. Gullo
        Pages 43-55
      3. A. Braschi, M. C. Olivei, M. A. Villani
        Pages 57-61
    3. Focus on Pulmonary Hypertension

    4. Evidence-Based Medicine Pulmonary Surfactant

      1. S. J. C. Verbrugge, J. J. Haitsma, B. Lachmann
        Pages 101-106
    5. Update on ARDS

      1. L. Brazzi, P. Pelosi, L. Gattinoni
        Pages 113-120
      2. P. Neumann, G. Hedenstierna
        Pages 121-124
      3. G. Hedenstierna, K. Hambraeus Jonzon, F. Fredén
        Pages 125-129
    6. Airflow Limitation

      1. C. Tantucci, A. Ferretti, V. Grassi
        Pages 139-145
      2. W. A. Zin
        Pages 147-151
      3. R. Brandolese, U. Andreose
        Pages 161-169
  3. Perioperative Medicine

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 171-171
    2. Evolution of the Use of Anaesthetic Drugs

    3. Fast-Track Anaesthesia and Postoperative CARE

      1. J. O. C. Auler Jr., M. J. C. Carmona
        Pages 201-209
      2. D. F. Zandstra, M. Kuiper
        Pages 225-232
    4. Focus on Perioperative Management in Paediatrics

      1. J. O. C. Auler Jr., D. Fantoni, M. H. C. Pereira
        Pages 235-249
      2. J. O. C. Auler Jr, S. Coppola Gimenez, D. Monteiro Abbelan
        Pages 251-262
    5. Management of anaesthesia in Obstetric Patients

      1. D. Trevisanuto, F. Zacchello
        Pages 271-278
    6. Challenges in Cardiovascular Assessment, Monitoring and Management

      1. B. Allaria, M. Favaro, M. Dei Poli
        Pages 281-290
      2. B. Allaria, M. Dei Poli, D. Culotta
        Pages 291-299
      3. F. Schiraldi, P. Ferraro, B. Maglione
        Pages 317-324
    7. Recommendations on Perioperative Management

    8. How to Set Up an Acute Pain Service

      1. N. Rawal, R. Allvin, C. Zetterberg
        Pages 333-345
  4. Central Nervous System

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 347-347
    2. Development, Damage and Repair in the Central Nervous System

      1. A. Cestelli, G. Savettieri, I. Di Liegro
        Pages 349-368
      2. G. Savettieri, I. Di Liegro, A. Cestelli
        Pages 369-376
      3. D. A. Siegel, M. Huang, S. Walkley
        Pages 377-385
    3. Stroke in the Young

      1. G. Savettieri, G. Cuccia, G. Salemi
        Pages 389-399
      2. A. Anzini, M. Rasura, C. Fieschi
        Pages 401-407
  5. Trauma Operative Procedures

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 409-409
    2. A. J. Sutcliffe
      Pages 411-416
    3. G. Nardi, S. Di Bartolomeo, V. Michelutto
      Pages 417-425

About these proceedings


The end of the second millenium is distinguished for the increasing interest in the field of critical care medicine, not only among physicians and clinical scientists but also on the part of the mass media. This is an interdisciplinary area of medicine drawing upon the specialties of anesthesiology, internal medicine and surgery, and relying upon the essential contributions and support from basic research. Advances in critical care medicine depend on the application of new technologies to the clinic, the full integration of computers and informatics, the continual training of physicians and technicians, and the consideration of ethical issues in the clinical setting. Within this complex panorama of complementary approaches and viewpoints, it is apparent that critical care medicine is one of the best examples of evidence-based medicine.


anesthesia anesthesiology complications critical care intensive care medicine mechanical ventilation pain pathophysiology prevention

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