Chocolate and Health

  • Ario Conti
  • Rodolfo Paoletti
  • Andrea Poli
  • Francesco Visioli

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  2. Herwig Bernaert, Ieme Blondeel, Leen Allegaert, Tobias Lohmueller
    Pages 17-31
  3. Nasiruddin Khan, Nathalie M. Nicod
    Pages 33-40
  4. Maria Laura Colombo, Maria Teresa Pinorini-Godly, Ario Conti
    Pages 41-62
  5. Francesco Visioli, Elena Bernardini, Andrea Poli, Rodolfo Paoletti
    Pages 63-75
  6. Lorenzo Loffredo, Francesco Violi
    Pages 77-85
  7. Manuel Rusconi, Maria Grazia Rossi, Tiziano Moccetti, Ario Conti
    Pages 87-102
  8. Isabella Sudano, Andreas J. Flammer, Georg Noll, Roberto Corti
    Pages 103-113
  9. Davide Grassi, Claudio Ferri
    Pages 115-125
  10. Claudio Galli
    Pages 127-135
  11. Enrico Molinari, Edward Callus
    Pages 137-146
  12. Gordon B. Parker, Heather L. Brotchie
    Pages 147-153

About this book


Cocoa and chocolate are the subjects of much research in the fields of food chemistry, food technology, and health science. We now know that cocoa contains a remarkable number of bioactive compounds, and these are being tested in humans to verify their disease prevention characteristics.

This state of the art text thoroughly explores the different aspects of the relationship between chocolate and health. After introductory discussion of the historical background, careful attention is devoted to technological developments designed to improve the health-giving qualities of chocolate and biochemical and clinical trials of cocoa and its components. Various health impacts of cocoa and chocolate are thoroughly evaluated, including acute vascular effects and effects on blood pressure, blood lipids, and platelets. Psychological drivers of chocolate consumption and craving are also considered.

Readers will find this book to be a rich source of essential information on cocoa and chocolate, their purported health-giving qualities, and the advances that are being made in this area.


Cardiovascular System Cocoa Cocoa Polyphenols Psychology

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  • Francesco Visioli
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