The Special Theory of Relativity

A Mathematical Approach

  • Farook Rahaman

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About this book


The book expounds the major topics in the special theory of relativity. It provides a detailed examination of the mathematical foundation of the special theory of relativity, relativistic mass, relativistic mechanics and relativistic electrodynamics.  As well as covariant formulation of relativistic mechanics and electrodynamics, the book discusses the relativistic effect on photons. Using a mathematical approach, the text offers graduate students a clear, concise view of the special theory of relativity. Organized into 14 chapters and two appendices, the content is presented in a logical order, and every topic has been dealt with in a simple and lucid manner. To aid understanding of the subject, the book provides numerous relevant worked examples in every chapter. The book’s mathematical approach helps students in their independent study and motivates them to research the topic further.


Four Dimensional World Lorentz Transformations Relativistic electrodynamics Relativistic mechanics Spacetime diagrams Special theory of relativity

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