Strategic Business Decisions

A Quantitative Approach

  • R. Srinivasan

Table of contents

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  2. Operations Research (OR)

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      Pages 3-7
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      Pages 9-21
    4. R. Srinivasan
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      Pages 79-138
    6. R. Srinivasan
      Pages 139-162
    7. R. Srinivasan
      Pages 163-194
    8. R. Srinivasan
      Pages 195-226
  3. Engineering Management

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      Pages 227-227
    2. R. Srinivasan
      Pages 229-239
    3. R. Srinivasan
      Pages 241-256
    4. R. Srinivasan
      Pages 257-265
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      Pages 267-277
    6. R. Srinivasan
      Pages 279-292
    7. R. Srinivasan
      Pages 293-304
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 305-309

About this book


This book presents the essential concepts of operations research and engineering management in a structured manner. Starting with the basic functions of management – planning, organizing, leading and controlling – it introduces the reader to the process of strategic decision-making, covering the essentials of technological invention management, innovation and entrepreneurship, with ample examples of decision-making under certainty, uncertainty and risk conditions. It also exposes the reader to the fundamentals of managing projects and professional communication. In order to reinforce the theory used, practical case studies taken from relevant disciplines are introduced. For instance, case studies from the retail sector have been appended to the assignment problem, and cases related to traffic have been introduced for queuing formulation. The concept of game theory is discussed in greater detail with an introduction to topics such as incentive compatibility, Bayesian representations for different games, budget balance, auctions and a broad coverage of mechanism design. While a few of these problems have been solved in the book, a few others have been left un-solved to promote readers’ understanding. The mix of theoretical and practical examples reveals to the reader the underlying complexities and highlights the challenges entailed by field implementation.


Decision Making Engineering Management Operations Research Production Management field implementation

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