Cyclometalation Reactions

Five-Membered Ring Products as Universal Reagents

  • Iwao¬†Omae

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This book provides a review of cyclometalation reactions and organometallic intramolecular-coordination five-membered ring products, the most active type of reactions in synthetic organic reactions and their products. Included is the discovery of intramolecular-coordination bonds in cyclometalation reactions and the characteristics of those reactions, as well as the reasons that their five-membered ring compounds are very easily synthesized through such reactions. In addition, the applications of cyclometalation reactions and five-membered ring products, synthetic applications, catalysts, and other products are described. These topics are of special interest for industrial researchers.


Agostic Interaction C-H Activation C-H Functionalization C-X Activation Chelate Effect Coordination Bond Cyclometalation Five-membered Ring Organometallic Intramolecular-Coordination

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