Toward A More Balanced Approach: Rethinking and Readjusting Copyright Systems in the Digital Network Era

  • Jerry Jie Hua

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Based on comparative research concerning both international conventions and laws, regulations, policies and cases from different jurisdictions, this book puts forward proposals for recovering the balance of interests between copyright holders, technological intermediaries and public users with regard to the access to, distribution and exploitation of copyright works. Four specific issues are discussed in detail:

·         an anti-circumvention rule for protection of technological measures that control access to copyright material;

·         indirect infringing liability for internet service providers and safe harbor regulations, which influence the dissemination of copyright works;

·         copyright limitations and exceptions especially under the digital network environment, which are relevant to the extent that users are allowed to exploit copyright works;

·         digital commons projects that promote the distribution and adaptation of copyright works placed under voluntary license schemes, which are relevant to the tolerance and encouragement of remix culture.


Balance of interest Copyright law Digital network challenges Legal reform Promotion of culture and art

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