Energy Sector Diversification in Iran

Evolving Strategies and Interests in the Electricity Sector

  • Shabnam Mirsaeedi-Farahani

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Shabnam Mirsaeedi-Farahani analyzes Iran’s interests in diversifying its energy sector, specifically electricity generation and consumption, between 1990 and 2011. She examines the policy discussions in the Iranian Parliament as well as policy development and implementation with respect to the electricity sector. One of the geopolitically crucial areas for both Iran’s domestic development as well as its international influence has been its energy sector. The author assesses international policy pressures and domestic interests to evaluate the interplay of interests, actors, and strategies. While increasing domestic generation capacity, Iran has been able to further its regional interests and influences as well as to build a backbone for its industrialization endeavors.


  • Situating Iran in the Geopolitics of Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energies, and Carbon Emission Reductions
  • Domestic Energy Decisions in Iran’s International Context
  • Domestic, Regional, and International Developments (1990-1999)
  • Strategic Decisions in Iran (2000-2011)

Target Groups

  • Researchers and students in the fields of political and social sciences

  • Energy (policy) experts, nuclear energy experts and practitioners, engineers, decision makers and consultants, civil society organizations

The Author

Dr. Shabnam Mirsaeedi-Farahani was as a research fel

low at Freie Universität Berlin, teaching regional power politics in Eurasia. She previously worked as a strategy consultant and is now head of private label strategy and operations at a globally operating company in the cosmetics branch.


Regional interests Iran Domestic electricity decision-making Five year development plans in Iran Natural gas Price subsidies

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