Illusions of Human Thinking

On Concepts of Mind, Reality, and Universe in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Physics

  • Gabriel Vacariu

Table of contents

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  3. Epistemologically Different Worlds

  4. Applications: Philosophy, Cognitive (Neuro)science, Biology, and Physics

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About this book


The book illustrates that the traditional philosophical concept of the „Universe”, the „World” has led to anomalies and paradoxes in the realm of knowledge. The author replaces this notion by the EDWs perspective, i.e. a new axiomatic hyperontological framework of „Epistemologically Different Worlds” (EDWs). Thus it becomes possible to find a more appropriate approach to different branches of science, such as cognitive neuroscience, physics, biology and the philosophy of mind. The consequences are a better understanding of the mind-body problem, quantum physics non-locality or entanglement, the measurement problem, Einstein’s theory of relativity and the binding problem in cognitive neuroscience.


• Epistemological Different Worlds (EDWs)

• Existence and Interactions

• Brain/Body, Self/Mind

• EDWs and Philosophy of Mind (Descartes, Kant)

• Cognitive


• Neuroscience Biology

• Physics (Quantum Physics, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity)


Target Groups

• Students and scholars of psychology, biology, physics and neuroscientific


• Students and lecturers of philosophy, in particular theory of knowledge

and science, philosophy of mind

• Interdisciplinary audience interested in basic questions of modern

Particular Sciences


The Author

Gabriel Vacariu is Professor at the Department of Philosophy at University

of Bucharest. Lectures and seminars on Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive

Science, Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience, Epistemology, and


Philosophy of Science.



Anomalies Concepts of Thinking Epistemology Kant Mind Body Problem Ontological Framework Paradoxia Philosophy of Mind Philosophy of Neuro Science Philosophy of Science Quantum Physics Theory of Relativity Universe World

Authors and affiliations

  • Gabriel Vacariu
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  1. 1.Department of PhilosophyUniversity of BucharestBukarestRomania

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