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  • © 1987

Inhalation Anesthetics

New Aspects 2nd International Symposium

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Table of contents (30 papers)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-XIII
  2. Pharmacokinetics and MAC: Practical Implications for Dosage of Volatile Anesthetics

    • H. Schwilden, H. Stoeckel, P. M. Lauven, J. Schüttler
    Pages 17-25
  3. Metabolism and Acute Toxicity of Volatile Anesthetics

    • V. Hempel, W. Heipertz, H-V Gärtner, M. Schmelzle
    Pages 41-44
  4. The Influence of Volatile Anesthetics on Cerebral Blood Flow and Cerebral Autoregulation

    • H. Van Aken, G.-M. Hauss, T. Brüssel, W. Fitch
    Pages 52-59
  5. Anesthesia and the Kidney

    • M. Cousins
    Pages 73-86
  6. Changes in Hemodynamics, Regional Organ Blood Flow, and Tissue Oxygen Consumption Under Isoflurane and Enflurane

    • P. Conzen, J. Hobbhahn, A. Goetz, H. Habazettl, T. Granetzny, K. Peter et al.
    Pages 87-97
  7. The Influence of Inhalation Anesthetics on Respiratory Mechanics

    • T. Pasch, H.-D. Kamp, H. Grimm, G. Habich, H. Petermann
    Pages 122-129
  8. Aspects of the Effects of Enflurane on Cardiovascular Control

    • D. Lundberg, B. Biber, B.-Å. Henriksson, J. Martner, J. Pontén
    Pages 130-132
  9. Effects of Inhalation Anesthetics on Coronary Blood Flow and O2 Supply of the Myocardium

    • H. Sonntag, R. Larsen, H. Stephan, D. Kettler, O. Hilfiker
    Pages 149-160
  10. Effects of Isoflurane and Enflurane on Oxygen Supply and Microcirculation of the Myocardium

    • H. Vogel, H. Günther, D. K. Harrison, J. Höper, M. Brunner, M. Kessler et al.
    Pages 161-170


  • care
  • coronary artery disease
  • hemodynamics
  • obstetrics
  • surgery

Editors and Affiliations

  • Institut für Anästhesiologie, Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität Klinikum Großhadern, München 70, Germany

    Klaus Peter, Burnell R. Brown, Eike Martin, Olof Norlander

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