Advances in Regression, Survival Analysis, Extreme Values, Markov Processes and Other Statistical Applications

  • João Lita da Silva
  • Frederico Caeiro
  • Isabel Natário
  • Carlos A. Braumann

Part of the Studies in Theoretical and Applied Statistics book series (STAS)

Also part of the Selected Papers of the Statistical Societies book sub series (STASSPSS)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvii
  2. Invited Sessions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Stanisław Franciszek Mejza, Shinji Kuriki
      Pages 3-10
  3. Communications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 35-35
    2. Ana M. Abreu, Cristina S. Rocha
      Pages 37-45
    3. Marta Alves, Cristina S. Rocha, Maria Teresa Paixão
      Pages 47-54
    4. P. Araújo Santos, M. I. Fraga Alves
      Pages 55-63
    5. M. F. Brilhante, M. Malva, S. Mendonça, D. Pestana, F. Sequeira, S. Velosa
      Pages 73-81
    6. Luísa Canto e Castro, Dulce Gomes, Maria da Graça Temido
      Pages 93-101
    7. Clara Carlos, Carlos A. Braumann, Patrícia A. Filipe
      Pages 103-111
    8. Eunice Carrasquinha, M. Helena Gonçalves, M. Salomé Cabral
      Pages 113-120
    9. Marta Castel-Branco, Marília Antunes, Patrícia Inácio, Miguel Cardo
      Pages 121-129
    10. Clara Cordeiro, M. Manuela Neves
      Pages 131-138
    11. César Correia, Nuno Sepúlveda, Carlos Daniel Paulino
      Pages 139-146
    12. Maria Eugénia Ferrão, José G. Dias
      Pages 147-153
    13. Ana Sousa Ferreira, Margarida Cardoso
      Pages 155-162
    14. Fátima Ferreira, António Pacheco, Helena Ribeiro
      Pages 163-171
    15. M. I. Fraga Alves, P. Araújo Santos
      Pages 183-191
    16. Ana Cristina Moreira Freitas
      Pages 193-201
    17. M. Ivette Gomes, Fernanda Figueiredo, M. Manuela Neves
      Pages 203-211
    18. E. Gonçalves, N. Mendes-Lopes
      Pages 213-222
    19. Gracinda R. Guerreiro, João T. Mexia, Maria F. Miguens
      Pages 223-230
    20. Carla Henriques, Ana Cristina Matos, Luís Ferreira dos Santos
      Pages 231-238
    21. Manuela Larguinho, José Carlos Dias, Carlos A. Braumann
      Pages 249-257
    22. Argentina Leite, Maria Eduarda Silva, Ana Paula Rocha
      Pages 259-267
    23. João Maroco, Dina Silva, Manuela Guerreiro, Alexandre de Mendonça, Isabel Santana
      Pages 269-280
    24. Miguel Martins Felgueiras
      Pages 281-288
    25. Ayana Mateus, Margarida Tomé
      Pages 289-296
    26. Célia Nunes, Dário Ferreira, Sandra Ferreira, João T. Mexia
      Pages 307-315
    27. Ana Luisa Papoila, Cristina Rocha, Carlos Geraldes, Patricia Xufre
      Pages 317-324
    28. D. Pestana, M. L. Rocha, R. Vasconcelos, S. Velosa
      Pages 347-354
    29. Alexandra Pinto, Victor Lobo, Fernando Bação, Helena Bacelar-Nicolau
      Pages 355-362
    30. Isabel Pinto Doria, Áurea Sousa, Helena Bacelar-Nicolau, Georges Le Calvé
      Pages 363-370
    31. D. Prata Gomes, João T. Mexia, M. Manuela Neves
      Pages 381-389
    32. Sandra Ramos, Maria Antónia Amaral Turkman, Marília Antunes
      Pages 391-399
    33. Ricardo São João, Ana Luisa Papoila, Dário Ligeiro, Hélder Trindade
      Pages 417-426
    34. Fernando Sebastião, Irene Oliveira
      Pages 427-436
    35. Patrícia Serra, José G. Dias, Maria de Fátima Salgueiro
      Pages 437-444
    36. Carina Silva-Fortes, Maria Antónia Amaral Turkman, Luis Lança, Ricardo Silva, Gonçalo Marques
      Pages 445-451

About these proceedings


This volume of the Selected Papers from Portugal is a product of the Seventeenth Congress of the Portuguese Statistical Society, held at the beautiful resort seaside city of Sesimbra, Portugal, from September 30 to October 3, 2009. It covers a broad scope of theoretical, methodological as well as application-oriented articles in domains such as: Linear Models and Regression, Survival Analysis, Extreme Value Theory, Statistics of Diffusions, Markov Processes and other Statistical Applications.


Probability Theory Statistical Inference Statistical Modeling Stochastic Processes Testing Statistical Hypothesis

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  • João Lita da Silva
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  • Frederico Caeiro
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  • Isabel Natário
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  • Carlos A. Braumann
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  2. 2., Universidade Nova de LisboaCMA and Faculdade de Ciˆenciase TecnologCaparicaPortugal
  3. 3., Universidade Nova de LisboaCEAUL and Faculdade de Ciˆenciase TecnolCaparicaPortugal
  4. 4., Universidade Nova de Lisboa,CEAUL and Faculdade de Ciˆenciase TecnolCaparicaPortugal

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