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Acoustics and Hearing


  • Comprehensive book on the outer influence on hearing and how to achieve perfect stereo effects

  • Important for the design of concert halls and loudspeakers

  • Explanation of sound effects and stereophony


Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XII
  2. Head-Related Sound from Two Loudspeakers

  3. The Hearing Process in Concert Halls

  4. Back Matter
    Pages 111-120

About this book


When one listens to music at home, one would like to have an acoustic impression close to that of being in the concert hall. Until recently this meant elaborate multi-channelled sound systems with 5 or more speakers. But head-related stereophony achieves the surround-sound effect in living rooms with only two loudspeakers. By virtue of their slight directivity as well as an electronic filter the limitations previously common to two-speaker systems can be overcome and this holds for any arbitrary two-channel recording. The book also investigates the question of how a wide and diffuse sound image can arise in concert halls and shows that the quality of concert halls decisively depends on diffuse sound images arising in the onset of reverberation. For this purpose a strong onset of reverberation is modified in an anechoic chamber by electroacoustic means. Acoustics and Hearing proposes ideas concerning signal processing in the auditory system that explain the measured results and the resultant sound effects pleasing to the audience.


Head-related stereophony Reverberation in concert halls acoustics production quality

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