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Stingless Bees of Mexico

The Biology, Management and Conservation of an Ancient Heritage

  • This is the most comprehensive book available on Mexican species of stingless bees

  • It addresses the biology, management and conservation of these important insects for Latin America and the world at large

  • This book draws on extensive scientific evidence and offers an important reference guide for different audiences


Table of contents

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  2. José Javier G. Quezada-Euán
    Pages 1-40
  3. José Javier G. Quezada-Euán
    Pages 41-55
  4. José Javier G. Quezada-Euán
    Pages 57-69
  5. José Javier G. Quezada-Euán
    Pages 71-89
  6. José Javier G. Quezada-Euán
    Pages 91-129
  7. José Javier G. Quezada-Euán
    Pages 131-165
  8. José Javier G. Quezada-Euán
    Pages 167-192
  9. José Javier G. Quezada-Euán
    Pages 193-242
  10. José Javier G. Quezada-Euán
    Pages 243-269
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 271-294

About this book


The stingless bees are the most diverse group of highly social bees and are key species in our planet’s tropical and subtropical regions, where they thrive. In Mexico, the management of stingless bees dates back centuries, and they were an essential part of the culture and cosmogony of native peoples like the Maya. In recent decades a vast amount of information has been gathered on stingless bees worldwide. This book summarizes various aspects of the biology and management of stingless bees, with special emphasis on the Mexican species and the traditions behind their cultivation. Much of the information presented here was produced by the author and the team of researchers at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán in the course of three decades of working with these insects. Given the breadth of its coverage, the book offers an equally valuable reference guide for academics, students and beekeepers alike.


Meliponiculture Crop pollination Chemical communication Task partitioning Social insect

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Departamento de Apicultura Tropical, Campus de Ciencias Biológicas y AgropecuariasUniversidad Autónoma de YucatánMéridaMexico

About the authors

Dr José Javier G. Quezada-Euán is an entomologist with a specialization in bees. He completed his bachelor’s degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán in 1988 and his postgraduate studies at the University of Wales, Cardiff. He is an acknowledged expert on stingless bees, which he has worked with for nearly thirty years, and has published work on various aspects of the biology, conservation and management of these insects in different scientific journals.

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“This book is a real first. It is highly illustrated with color photographs, bringing readers step by step into external and internal bee anatomy and pollination ecology … . Hope blossoms due to the efforts of Quezada-Euán and the biologists, beekeepers, conservationists, educators, anthropologists, and business-minded naturalists (such things matter deeply) who will find the book authoritative and use it to move forward.” (David Ward Roubik, The Quarterly Review of Biology, Vol. 94, September, 2019)