Electro-Chemo-Mechanics of Solids

  • Sean R. Bishop
  • Nicola H. Perry
  • Dario Marrocchelli
  • Brian W. Sheldon

Part of the Electronic Materials: Science & Technology book series (EMST)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Sean R. Bishop, Nicola H. Perry
    Pages 1-3
  3. Andrey Yu. Zuev, Dmitry S. Tsvetkov
    Pages 5-33
  4. Stephen Hull
    Pages 61-101
  5. Sean R. Bishop, Nicola H. Perry, Dario Marrocchelli, Brian W. Sheldon
    Pages E1-E1
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 191-192

About this book


This book brings together a collection of chapters that focus on the relationship among electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties and the study of adjusting one property through the control of another, namely, Electro-Chemo-Mechanics (ECM). The authors examine how this relationship can result in beneficial properties, such as mixed ionic and electronic conductivity, in oxides, upon oxygen deficiency or lithium insertion (electro-chemo) and/or changes in ionic and electronic mobility observed in strained systems (electro-mechano). They also consider how ECM interactions can be responsible for large stresses from non-stoichiometry induced lattice dilation (chemo-mechano). While many volumes are available devoted to the study of the origins and characteristics of electro-chemical relationships, they form the well-known field of electrochemistry, this volume is highly novel in its examination of the corresponding electro-mechanical, chemo-mechanical, and electro-chemo-mechanical relationships. The book is ideal for researchers and design engineers interested in energy storage and conversion and the electrical and mechanical properties of materials.


Carbon Neutral Energy Dielectrics Electrochemistry Batteries Electrochemomechanics Energy Storage Research Ionically Conductive Ceramics Nanoscale YSZ Thin Films Nonstoichiometric Oxides Si Nanotubes Y-doped Ceria

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