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Commercializing Cosmopolitan Security

Safeguarding the Responsibility to Protect

  • Argues that the contractor should become the liberal state’s cosmopolitan agent to provide security as a global good

  • Offers a unique contribution to the field in an understudied area of R2P (privatization/commercialization of security), founded on empirical and theoretical findings

  • Represents one of the first analyses of R2P and the commercialization of international security


About this book


This book analyses two key topics within international politics: the responsibility to protect (R2P) and the commercialization and privatization of security. In a world of ungoverned spaces, state failure and erupting humanitarian crises, the international community is increasingly called upon to exercise its responsibility to protect communities under threat. Here, Krieg explains the civil-military dynamics behind the state’s failure to effectively intervene in humanitarian crises overseas using its serviceman. The central question that follows is: would the private military contractor be a better alternative agent of the state in humanitarian intervention? This book demonstrates that given his professional identity and role towards client state and public, the contractor can be employed effectively in humanitarian intervention to generate more ethical outcomes.  This volume is essential reading for researchers and post-graduate students of R2P, International Security Studies and privatization, as well as Peace and Conflict studies and International Relations more broadly.



intervention civil-military civil-contrator contractor warfare conflict humanitarian Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Responsibility to protect Private security Commercial security Civil-military relations Military ethics Humanitarian intervention Political theory

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  1. 1.War & Defence StudiesKing’s College London War & Defence StudiesLondonUnited Kingdom

About the authors

Andreas Krieg is an assistant professor in Defence Studies at King’s College London currently seconded to the military Staff College in Qatar. Dr Krieg is a specialist in military and security affairs with a particular regional focus on the Middle East. In his research he focuses inter alia on civil-security sector relations and the ethics of war.

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