Stable Isotope Geochemistry

  • Jochen Hoefs

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Stable Isotope Geochemistry is an introduction to the use of stable isotopes in the geosciences. For students and scientists alike the book will be a primary source of information with regard to how and where stable isotopes can be used to solve geological problems. It is subdivided into three parts: i) theoretical and experimental principles, ii) fractionation processes of light and heavy elements, iii) the natural variations of geologically important reservoirs. In the last decade, major advances in multicollector-ICP-mass-spectrometry enable the precise determination of a wide range of transition and heavy elements. Progress in analysing the rare isotopes of certain elements allows the distinction between mass-dependent and mass-independent fractionations. These major advances in analytical techniques make an extended new edition necessary. Special emphasis has been given to the growing field of “non-traditional” isotope systems. Many new references have been added, which will enable quick access to recent literature.


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