A Mathematical Prelude to the Philosophy of Mathematics

  • Stephen Pollard

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About this book


This book is based on two premises: one cannot understand philosophy of mathematics without understanding mathematics and one cannot understand mathematics without doing mathematics. It draws readers into philosophy of mathematics by having them do mathematics. It offers 298 exercises, covering philosophically important material, presented in a philosophically informed way. The exercises give readers opportunities to recreate some mathematics that will illuminate important readings in philosophy of mathematics. Topics include primitive recursive arithmetic, Peano arithmetic, Gödel's theorems, interpretability, the hierarchy of sets, Frege arithmetic, and intuitionist sentential logic. The book is intended for readers who understand basic properties of the natural and real numbers and have some background in formal logic.


Frege Arithmetic Gödel Glivenko Theorem Gödel Incompleteness Hereditarily Finite Lists Hierarchy of Sets Intuitionist Connectives Intuitionist Logic Iterative Set Theory Monadic Second Order Logic Peano Arithmetic Peregrin Logic of Inference Primitive Recursive Arithmetic Representability of Recursive Functions Set Theory Axioms Zermelian Lists

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