Transrational Peace Research and Elicitive Facilitation

The Self as (Re)Source

  • NorbertĀ Koppensteiner

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  3. First Wave: Transrational Peace Research

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  4. Second Wave: Peace Studies Facilitation

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      Pages 159-160
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About this book


This book sheds new light on transrational approaches to peace research and highlights elicitive approaches to facilitation. Rather than encouraging researchers, teachers and practitioners to control and suppress their own positionality, the book argues that they can see themselves as a potential (re)source that can be creatively tapped for their work. Using dance as a central metaphor, it seeks to reposition research and facilitation as a truly experiential process where the entirety of human experiences and epistemologies can be brought into interplay, opening up new sources of knowledge. Providing a cutting-edge theoretical framework and based on his practical experience, the author demonstrates that facilitation and research are not just cognitive, but can also be(come) embodied, emotional, intuitive, relational and spiritual. By proposing a systematic, methodological framework for research and facilitation, the book offers practical guidance for peace practitioners, facilitators and researchers interested in working through all dimensions of their being and engaging with conflict transformation in a holistic way.

Norbert Koppensteiner is a peace researcher and freelance facilitator. Having previously served as a Senior Lecturer at the Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Innsbruck, his facilitation especially focuses on breath, voice and movement. 


Peace Research Elicitive Facilitation The Self Transrational Peace Research Methodology Research Methodologies Teaching Peace and Conflict Research Conflict Transformation Participation Facilitation Cultures of Peace

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