Continuum Modeling in Mechanobiology

  • Larry A. Taber

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About this book


This book examines key theoretical tools that are currently used to develop mathematical models as an aid in understanding the biological response of cells and tissues to mechanical stimuli. Problems in growth and remodeling, tissue and organ development, and functional adaptation are all covered. Chapters on tensor analysis and nonlinear elasticity provide the necessary background for understanding the engineering theories that are currently used to solve challenges in mechanobiology. This is an ideal book for biomechanical engineers who work on problems in mechanobiology and tissue engineering.

  • Broadens readers’ understanding of nonlinear elasticity, contractility, growth and remodeling theory, and mechanical feedback in development
  • Includes numerous quantitative examples to illustrate basic theoretical mechanobiology concepts, such as active force generation, theories for growth and remodeling, and morphogenesis
  • Illustrates theories with numerous applications to specific problems, such as cardiac mechanics, growth (and remodeling) of the heart and arteries, and embryonic development of the heart, brain, and gut


Active Force Generation Bone Remodeling Boundary Value Problems Cardiac Mechanics Cortical Folding Cytoskeletal Remodeling Plant Morphogenesis Remodeling of Arteries Theoretical Mechanobiology Vectors and Tensors

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