The Handbook of Global Shadow Banking, Volume I

From Policy to Regulation

  • Luc Nijs

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This global handbook provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of shadow banking, or market-based finance as it has been recently coined. Engaging in financial intermediary services outside of normal regulatory parameters, the shadow banking sector was arguably a critical factor in causing the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

This volume focuses specifically on shadow banking activities, risk, policy and regulatory issues. It evaluates the nexus between policy design and regulatory output around the world, paying attention to the concept of risk in all its dimensions—the legal, financial, market, economic and monetary perspectives. Particular attention is given to spillover risk, contagion risk and systemic risk and their positioning and relevance in shadow banking activities. Newly introduced and incoming policies are evaluated in detail, as well as how risk is managed, observed and assessed, and how new regulation can potentially create new sources of risk.

Volume I concludes with analysis of what will and still needs to happen in the event of another crisis. Proposing innovative suggestions for improvement, including a novel Pigovian tax to tame financial and systemic risks, this handbook is a must-read for professionals and policy-makers within the banking sector, as well as those researching economics and finance.


Funding flows Credit intermediation Shadow credit intermediation Shadow banking market Non-traditional financial intermediation Financial intermediation Securitization Basel II Basel III Regulatory capital Financial regulation Financial stability Central Clearing Parties CCPs Systemic risk Liquidity SIFIs Systemically Important Financial Institutions Contagion market-based finance

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