Regulatory Foundations for the Food Protection Professional

  • Julia Bradsher
  • Gerald Wojtala
  • Craig Kaml
  • Christopher Weiss
  • David Read

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Julia Bradsher, Gerald Wojtala, Craig Kaml, Christopher Weiss, David Read
    Pages 1-5
  3. Neal Fortin, Scott Gilliam, Cathy Weir
    Pages 7-20
  4. Steven Mandernach, Dan Sowards, Virginia Veneziano
    Pages 21-35
  5. Joe Corby, Ron Klein, Gary Elliott, John Ryan
    Pages 37-54
  6. Ellen Buchanan, Tressa Madden, Christopher Smith, Alan Tart, Amanda Buell
    Pages 55-75
  7. David McSwane, Yvonne Salfinger, Brian Nummer, Angela Winslow
    Pages 77-89
  8. James Rutherford, John Luke, Melinda Wilkins, Sarah Rockhill
    Pages 91-104
  9. Melinda Wilkins, Ernest Julian, Kim Kutzko, Sarah Rockhill
    Pages 105-124
  10. David McSwane, Jeffrey French, Ron Klein
    Pages 125-141
  11. Daniel Gump, Virginia Veneziano, Jeffrey French, Ellen Buchanan
    Pages 143-162
  12. Brian Nummer, Daniel Gump, Steven Wells, Scott Zimmerman, Angela Montalbano
    Pages 163-178
  13. Kristin DeMarco Shaw, Byron Beerbower, Cynthia Walker
    Pages 179-200
  14. Rita Johnson, Lisa Hainstock, Angela Montalbano
    Pages 201-219
  15. Dan Sowards, Kristin DeMarco Shaw, Shirley Jankowski, Jim Sevchik
    Pages 221-236
  16. Christopher Weiss, Kristin DeMarco Shaw, Steven Gendel, George Dunaif, Jim Sevchik, Laurel Francoeur et al.
    Pages 237-249
  17. Jim Topie, Ellen Buchanan, Tressa Madden, Michael Fagel
    Pages 251-262
  18. Alan Tart, William Lachowsky, Tressa Madden, Paul Dezendorf
    Pages 263-279
  19. Christopher Weiss, David Read, Steve Steinhoff, Julie Henderson
    Pages 281-293
  20. Katherine Simon, Catherine Martin, Scott Gilliam
    Pages 295-306
  21. Catherine Martin
    Pages 307-324
  22. Art Johnstone, Ron Klein, Steven Wells, Ned Mitenius, Sharon Thompson
    Pages 325-344
  23. Neal Fortin, Cathy Weir
    Pages 345-359
  24. Julia Bradsher, Gerald Wojtala, Craig Kaml, Christopher Weiss, David Read
    Pages 361-362
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 363-367

About this book


Regulatory Foundations for the Food Protection Professional is a comprehensive guide for the entry-level food protection professional (FPP) working in either the public or private sector. The book can also serve as a foundation for students in academic programs preparing for a career in food protection. Additionally, as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is implemented, this book will provide valuable information for countries wishing to export foods and food ingredients to the U.S. and comply with U.S. food safety regulations.

The book is based on the Entry-Level component of the National Curriculum Framework for regulators, created by the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI) located in Battle Creek, Michigan. The Entry-Level component of the National Curriculum Framework contains more than twenty content areas, including Epidemiology, Microbiology, Labeling, Food Defense Awareness, Program Standards, Environmental Health and Safety, Sampling, and Allergens.

Each chapter is divided into specific learning objectives aimed at equipping the entry-level FPP with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform his or her job, whether in the public or private sector and whether in food safety or food defense.

Established in 2009, IFPTI is improving public hea

lth by building competency-based training and certification systems, and cultivating leadership for the food protection community worldwide. Our mission is to en

hance public health by improving the protection of the world's food supply through training, certification, thought leadership, and technology. See more at


Food Defense Food Safety Food protection General food safety inspector Integrated food safety system

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