Ion/Molecule Attachment Reactions: Mass Spectrometry

  • Toshihiro Fujii

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  2. Toshihiro Fujii
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  3. Toshihiro Fujii
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  4. Sundaram Arulmozhiraja
    Pages 41-81
  5. Wilfried M.A. Niessen
    Pages 83-121
  6. Toshihiro Fujii
    Pages 175-204
  7. Murray J McEwan
    Pages 263-317
  8. W. M. A. Niessen
    Pages 319-328
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About this book


This book explores the mechanism of the alkali-metal ion/molecule association reaction, surveys the instrumental basis to study its kinetic, and describes the instrumentation to the measurement of alkali-metal ion affinities. The applications of the ion complexation mechanism in the condensed phase in reaction to direct analysis MS are also covered. Other topics include mechanism and reaction rates, experimental and theoretical ion affinities, applications of ion attachment reactions (IAR) to mass spectrometry such as alkali ion CIMS, and IAR-based direct analysis mass spectrometry. This book is ideal for graduate students and researchers in the fields of spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and analytical  chemistry.

This book also:

·         Covers the latest research on IAR-based direct analysis mass spectrometry, mechanism and reaction rates, and experimental and theoretical ion affinities

·         Broadens readers’ understanding of instrumentation drift tubes, SIFT, flowing afterglow, FTICR, and ion traps

·         Reviews exhaustively alkali metal ion affinities and ion attachment MS and cationization mass spectrometry of ESI, FAB, FD, LD, MALDI, and SIMS


alkali-metal ion ion attachment reactions ion complexation mass spectrometry spectroscopy

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