Clinical Nuclear Medicine

  • M. N. Maisey
  • K. E. Britton
  • B. D. Collier

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Clinical topics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Radionuclide therapy

      1. E. B. Silberstein
        Pages 3-8
      2. S. E. M. Clarke
        Pages 9-25
      3. C. A. Hoefnagel
        Pages 27-34
      4. M. Pollycove
        Pages 35-37
      5. G. Paganelli, M. Chinol, H. S. Stoldt, F. Aftab, J. Geraghty, A. G. Siccardi
        Pages 39-52
      6. R. L. Wahl
        Pages 53-63
    3. Cancer imaging: principles and practice

      1. S. E. M. Clarke, K. E. Britton
        Pages 65-73
    4. Clinical positron emission tomography

      1. H. N. Wagner Jr., J. W. Buchanan, M. N. Maisey
        Pages 75-83
    5. Paediatric issues

      1. D. L. Gilday
        Pages 85-112
  3. Clinical systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 113-113
    2. Infection and immunology

      1. M. J. O’Doherty
        Pages 115-124
      2. J. Buscombe
        Pages 125-137
      3. A. Signore, M. Chianelli
        Pages 139-147
    3. Cardiovascular

      1. P. Rigo, T. Benoit
        Pages 149-184
      2. P. Rigo
        Pages 185-194
      3. P. J. A. Robinson, A. Parkin
        Pages 195-201
      4. L. C. Knight, A. H. Maurer
        Pages 203-214
    4. Pulmonary and thoracic

      1. H. D. Royal
        Pages 215-230
      2. H. D. Royal
        Pages 231-235
      3. M. J. O’Doherty
        Pages 237-244
    5. Musculoskeletal

      1. P. J. Ryan, I. Fogelman
        Pages 245-275
    6. Neuropsychiatric

      1. L. S. Pilowsky
        Pages 277-286
      2. H. A. Ring
        Pages 287-294
      3. D. C. Costa
        Pages 295-304
      4. J. Patterson, D. J. Wyper
        Pages 305-311
      5. D. C. Costa, P. J. Ell
        Pages 313-318
      6. A. Lingford-Hughes
        Pages 319-329
    7. Endocrine

      1. M. N. Maisey
        Pages 331-356
      2. R. T. Kloos, F. Khafagi, M. D. Gross, B. Shapiro
        Pages 357-380
      3. A. J. Coakley, C. P. Wells
        Pages 381-387
    8. Kidney and urinary tract

      1. K. E. Britton, M. N. Maisey
        Pages 389-424
      2. S. R. Payne, H. J. Testa
        Pages 425-432
      3. A. J. W. Hilson
        Pages 433-437
    9. Genital

      1. Q. H. Siraj
        Pages 439-447
      2. Q. H. Siraj
        Pages 449-459
      3. M. P. Iturralde
        Pages 461-473
      4. K. E. Britton, M. Granowska
        Pages 475-480
      5. K. E. Britton, V. U. Chengazi
        Pages 481-483
    10. The abdominal contents

      1. S. S. Tumeh
        Pages 485-516
    11. Blood, bone marrow and lymphoid

      1. H. M. Abdel-Dayem, H. A. Macapinlac
        Pages 517-524
      2. A. M. Peters, D. M. Swirsky
        Pages 525-539
      3. H. M. Abdel-Dayem, Q. H. Siraj, B. D. Collier
        Pages 541-552
    12. Head and neck disease

      1. M. N. Maisey, E. B. Chevretton
        Pages 553-556
      2. N. D. Greyson
        Pages 557-566
      3. N. D. Greyson
        Pages 567-572
  4. Technical topics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 573-573
    2. Radiopharmaceuticals

      1. C. R. Lazarus
        Pages 575-578
      2. S. R. Hesslewood
        Pages 579-586

About this book


Nuclear medicine is the bridge between a particular clinical problem and a relevant test using radionuclides. It began as a minor technical tool used in a few branches of medicine, notably endocrinology and nephrology. However, throughout the world it has now become established as a clinical discipline in its own right, with specific training programmes, special skills and a particular approach to patient management. Although the practising nuclear medicine physician must necessarily learn a great deal of basic science and technology, a sound medical training and a clinical approach to the subject remains of fundamental importance. It is for this reason that we have attempted in this book to approach the subject from a clinical standpoint, including where necessary relevant physiological material. There exist many excellent texts which cover the basic science and technology of nuclear medicine. We have, therefore, severely limited our coverage of these aspects of the subject to matters which we felt to be essential, particularly those which have been less well covered in other texts - for example, the contents of Chapter 21 on Quantitation by Royal and McNeil. Similarly, we have included at the end of some chapters descriptions of particular techniques where we and the authors felt that it would be helpful. In order to emphasize the clinical approach of this book we have inverted the traditional sequence of material in chapters, presenting the clinical problems first in each instance.


SPECT Scintigraphy cancer imaging lymphoma nuclear medicine oncology positron emission tomography (PET) radiation tomography tumor

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  • B. D. Collier
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  2. 2.Department of Nuclear MedicineSt Bartholomew’s HospitalLondonUK
  3. 3.Nuclear Medicine DepartmentMedical College of WisconsinMilwaukeeUSA

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