C Recipes

A Problem-Solution Approach

  • Shirish Chavan

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About this book


Solve your C programming problems with practical and informative recipes. This book covers various aspects of C programming including the fundamentals of C, operators and expressions, control statements, recursion, and user-defined functions. Each chapter contains a series of recipes that you can easily reference to quickly find the answers you are looking for.

C Recipes also contains recipes and solutions for problems in memory management, arrays, standard input and output, structures and unions, pointers, self-referential structures, data files, pre-processor directives, and library functions.

You will:

  • Master operators and expressions

  • Write user-defined functions

  • Work with structures and unions

  • Use pointers

  • Define self referential structures

  • Leverage library functions


C Operators and Expressions Control Statements User Defined Functions Arrays Structures Union Pointers Data Files code cookbook reference recipes

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